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The Cardassian Union falls into a state of civil war with two factions, one loyal to Legate Toran, the leader of the Cardassians during the latest Dominion War, and the other a resistance aiming to free Cardassia.
A third, smaller, faction emerges in the Cardassian civil war, aiming to return the Cardassian Union to the old ways prior to the first Dominion War.
The Cardassian civil war comes to and end after subtle interferance by the Romulans. The victors are the free Cardassia faction under the leadership of Legate Boheeka, under this new leadership the Cardassians petition to join the UCIP alliance. Legate Toran and the remaining forces of his faction take refuge in the badlands.
UCIP enters a state of war after being attacked by bioships. This entry requires further research
Starbase 220 is attacked and captured by the Romulans after its former commander, Tyrone Kirk defects. The Romulans also capture the surrounding three sectors, controlled by the Federation and Klingon Empire. Following the attacks, the Romulans withdraw from UCIP.
UCIP makes a formal declaration of war on the Romulan Empire following their recent attacks on their member's space and facilities.
A rebellion breaks out in the Klingon Empire and spreads to the Confederation colony at Trilista. The High Council begins to become concerned about the possible implications of its internal problems on the rest of Confederation.
The Klingon rebellion descends into civil war and the Empire closes its borders in an effort to contain the trouble. In order to focus on dealing with the crisis, the Klingon government withdraws from UCIP.
With the withdrawal of the Klingons from UCIP, the Romulans start pressing their attacks into the Federation will full force. They even manage to capture the founding Federation member of Vulcan.
Starfleet's 6th Fleet engages the Romulan's 21st Attack Squadron at 40 Eridani. The battle goes in Starfleet's favour and they are eventually successful at pushing the Romulan forces back and liberating Vulcan.
The war between the Federation and its remaining UCIP allies and the Romulans is concluded with the signing of the treaty between the crew of the USS Bismark and the Romulan Empress t`Kazon. All captured territory is returned to the Federation except for the Tomika system containing Starbase 220 which has been renamed Hama.

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