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A blockade by Imperial forces over the Klingon homeworld of Qo'noS blacks out communications from the planet. Reports leak through of staff from the Betazed Embassy being executed.
The Federation traitor, Tyrone Kirk, now known in the Romulan Empire as Vaek`Riov Tyrone tr`Kirk begins the extermination of the entire populations of under developed planets to allow expansion of the Empire, under the direction of the Empress t`Kazon.
Starfleet Captain Thomas Spartan is killed while making a tour of the New Atlantian system. Investigations show that Romulan terrorists were involved.
General Benik takes up the position of Chancellor of the Klingon Empire and declares an end to the civil war. The Empire begins to consider reconciliation with the Confederation.
Romulans enter a brief civil war overthrowing Ael t'Kazon and establishing the Romulan Star Republic. The two tier senate is disbanded in favor of a unicameral body.

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