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A slipstream gate is discovered in Federation space and it is discovered that it leads to the Triangulum galaxy. Starfleet orders Alpha Fleet to begin exploration on the other side of the gate.
In Triangulum Starfleet makes contact with Ni'yuHji Dominion and again gains contact with the Civonian Imperial Enclave.
In Triangulum skirmishes between the Civonians and Ni'yuHji grow into all out war. Starfleet joins the war on the side of the Civonians with whom the Federation has signed a treaty of alliance.
The UCIP alliance is once again attacked by the Borg. The enemy is overcome as before but with heavy losses, particularly from Starfleet.
Discovering the Federation involvement in their war, the Romulan and Klingons enter a brief alliance. Both governments conduct a surprise attack on Federation holdings. Caught off guard by the combined Klingon and Romulan forces the Federation loses several star systems including Arcadia colony, Codis, and Omnius in the beginning of the war.
The Federation-Romulan-Klingon War ends when Romulan forces are driven back at the battle of Yadalla. A short time later the War officially ends with Romulan-Federation Treaty of 2401. The aftermath is severe; all told billions are killed and displaced, including Zakdorn, which was left in ruins after Romulan bombardment. Estimates are the Federation lost over 3000 ships, while the Romulan losses were estimated at 1500, and Klingon losses around 1000.

-----Note: Treaty of 2401 ->

The Federation wishes the Romulans to return a bulk of the territories captured, however the Romulan only acquiesce in part. The Romulans agree to withdrawal from the Typhon Sector, Galadorn Core, Qualor, and Zakdorn. However, they maintain control over Codis, Belian II, Coriel IV, Draco System (Omnius), Draken III, SB18, SB185, Tarod, Jouret, Gamma Hydrae, and Iconia.

Federation requests a new ambassadorial delegation be established on Romulus, however the Romulans refuse citing infiltration by section 31 and attempted assassinations by SF agents for their reasoning.

A new neutral zone is established; Alpha Eridani and Tomed become neutral words within the newly formed neutral zone. The Romulans fully withdrawal from intergalactic politics.