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The Milky Way galaxy comes under the attack of an extragalactic power known as the W'Oxi. Using powerful biogenic weapons they begin to systematically wipe out the populations of whole planets and seem impossible to track due to an advanced drive system based on the use of wormholes. All the major powers of the Alpha and Beta Quadrantss fall under this attack.
The W'Oxi destruction of planets comes to an end when their ship and their leader, Thur, is destroyed by a combined Cardassian and Starfleet force after a mutiny by his crew. In an unknown galaxy the W'Oxi decide not to continue their attacks on the Milky Way but the short war had left 302 billion people dead.
Praetor tr'Mandak uses the destruction of the 19th Galae [Fleet] to begin moving the Romulan western fleets to ir'Rak Prime. With the western fleet's gone tr'Mandak surrounds Romulus with his own personal fleet which is equipped with subspace and protomatter weaponry. Tr'Mandak dissolves the senate imprisoning Senate Speaker t'Anaka and Senator tr'AAnikh.
Discovering that tr'Mandak's main goal is to destroy the western Romulan fleets using a captured Torhie queen and then wrest control over then entire Republic, Tal'Diann Legate Khre'Riov Ameh'ah t'Neyl, along with former vang'radam [traitor] Lessa t'Brennan, organize a rebellion against the Praetor. The Praetor and t'Neyl's forces clash over ir'Rak Prime. The Eastern and Western Fleets refuse to engage each other, leaving only Mandak's personal fleet in opposition. After a long battle tr'Mandak is killed by t'Neyl, and the short lived civil war ends. In retaliation Gai'Shian loyal to tr'Mandak run amuck in the Romulan Capital killing hundreds.
The United Confederation Fleet, a formal military branch of the United Confederation of Interstellar Planets is established and a command council formed on the Gorn planet of Ra'mid. This body now replaces the former UCIP Fleet Command as stable organisation removed from the respective command structures of the UCIP powers. Several of the member governments donate personnel, ships and equipment to the new force.
Feeling that they have taken too many steps before they were ready, the Romulan Star Empire is officially reestablished. Although the unicameral senate is left in place.