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The Vanguard is found to be distributing propaganda in the Federation core.
Rear Admiral Mark Grayson is killed in action while chasing down the renegade USS Crazy Horse.
The USS Intrepid successfully negotiates peace with the Noriean race, and encourages them to petition for Federation membership.
Starbase Versailles is evacuated of civilians and non-essential personnel due to the approach of a Vanguard attack force. A combined Starfleet and Klingon force repels the attack.
The renegade situation aboard the USS Crazy Horse is resolved by her crew.
The USS Dirae enters Orion space to recover a captured Starfleet officer.
The 1st Starfleet Marine Division shifts its headquarters from Deep Space Europa to a newly reopened asteroid based station known as MCB Syronis.
The USS Crazy Horse intercepts communications about the Battle of Versailles. They leave their current assignment to rush to the aid of the station where they group up with the USS Dirae to respond to an apparent hostile takeover of Starfleet forces by the Vanguard.
Vice Admiral Fox orders the Dirae to Versailles to prevent its capture by Vanguard forces, but unknown to the Dirae it is duped by a holographic projection into accepting information that leads it to attack Starfleet forces. The USS Intrepid is destroyed by the Dirae in the belief that she is the lead Vanguard vessel.
Starbase Versailles is destroyed by the Vanguard knowing that they are losing the battle for the station. They detonate explosives planted throughout the station.
The Sovereign class USS Intrepid is launched from Starbase 22 under the command of Captain Kerry Malone.
The USS Crazy Horse, investigating communications relays in the sector, discovers the source of the holographic projection that fooled the USS Dirae. They deduce that there must be a spy aboard Starbase 22.
The spy aboard Starbase 22 intercepts the communication from the Crazy Horse, she sends word to her allies, the Krivaldi, to attack the ship and destroy it.
The displaced crew of the destroyed Starbase Versailles are reassigned to the newly built Starbase 99, a Wolf class starbase and it is redesignated Versailles in honour of the destroyed station. The new station is located in orbit aboard the YaDalla Colony in the Oraken system.
The USS Dirae makes it way to a supply depot in the Aspect system for engine parts. While at the same time the newly launched USS Intrepid is ordered to the same system to guard against further Vanguard activity. Here the two ships encounter each other and it is discovered that the Dirae was duped into attacking Starfleet vessels, the Dirae returns to Starbase 22 for investigation into the events that transpired.
A court martial is convened against Vice Admiral Morgana Kanryth, temporary Commanding Officer of the Dirae. Kanryth and her crew are cleared of any wrongdoing in the events that led to the destruction of the Intrepid.
Having been cleared of all wrongdoing in the same incident as the Dirae, in a court martial aboard Outpost 19, the USS Crazy Horse is attacked by Krivaldi forces while on its way to a border patrol.
majority of the Romulan Senate is assassinated creating a short lived civil war. The Romulan Emperor Ra Tellus would intervene preventing a major conflict. Tr'AAnikh is chosen by the Emperor to become the new Chief Praetor. The Romulan Government is reorganized and the Senate reestablished. Ameh'Ah t'Neyl is promoted to Galae EnRiov and accepts the title of Galae Director.