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An illegal arms operation is discovered on the little known colony called New Eden by the USS Griffin.
Trade relations between the Kirmani Homeworld and it's colony on Zetari IV become strained.
The Vanguard are unofficially linked to several terrorist operations against the Federation including the outbreak on Ajilon Prime.
Several ships including the USS Vindicator are confirmed Missing in Action.
Commodore Benjamin DeMarco is appointed as Chief of Starfleet Medical.
The Timmis Class USS Timmis completes a successful test-flight before being assigned as flagship in the Yadalla Sector.
Utopia Planitia Ship Yards is reopened.
Commodore Siobhan McNiall is appointed as Chief of Starfleet Sciences.
General Xavier Daevin is appointed Commandant of the Starfleet Marine Corps
The USS Nautilus discovers a gateway to a new galaxy and is tasked to explore it.
Grand Admiral Jason Roberts from the mirror universe plans an attack on the prime universe.
Admiral Ezekiel Travers retires from Starfleet and Admiral Jason Roberts is made his replacement.
Admiral Rajel Tomari replaces Captain David King as Alpha Fleet Commander.
General John Liconie takes over from Admiral Jason Roberts as Commander in Chief of Starfleet.
Captain Nryr Nova takes command of the USS Cortez.
Rear Admiral John Brown is appointed as Director of Strategic Operations.
Starfleet Command learns of attacks on small colonies apparently being conducted by Starfleet itself.
Lieutenant General Paul Conway leaves semi-retirement to take over as Commandant of the Starfleet Marine Corps.
Commodore Sabine Scholtz appointed to Director, Starfleet Tactical.
Rear Admiral Jason Thompson appointed as Beta Fleet Commander.
Commodore Richter Valarig appointed as Director, Starfleet Judge Advocate General Corps.
USS Vindicator relaunched under the command of Commander Olan Dar.