AC-410 Wolf

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Starship Class Data
Name TC-21 Wolf Class
Type Multi-purpose Fighter
Role Fighter
Produced 2405-Present
Affiliation Starfleet
TechStatus UCIP Canon
Contributor Wolf

The Wolf Fighter is one of two craft developed by Colonel John Stadi and the crew of the USS Thunderchild. The craft were constructed to answer the threat of new, more powerful enemies and captial ships.


The Wolf Class fighter is based on the Jaguar Class fighter. The Wolf has had the holographic projectors removed to give it more room for weapons and had the dome removed from the aft section to give it a sleeker design. It has a pulse phaser turret that can swivel and be aimed to either side as well as being locked forward. The micro torpedo launchers are located at the top and bottom of the “wings” in the front. The nacelles are located in the in the “wings” against the fuselage on both sides, behind the black “mirrors” which are extra armor,  and shielded to add additional protection.

The impulse engines are located in the rear half of the “wing” on and are shielded themselves in addition to the fighters regular shielding. On each side of the nacelles there is the Type VII phaser strips, 1 on each side directly above the “wings” on either side of the center place deflector. These can fire to each side and to the rear of the fighter but only to with in 2 m of the hull. The Wolf s capable of atmospheric flight as well as space flight. This is where it gets it’s name, during a test flight while on a strafing run the fight moved through the air so fast that a “howl” was heard for a ½ mile away from the target.

The Wolf performed extremely well against buildings and vehicles and was unmatched by any federation fighter in the air or space.

This fighter was designed by the USS Thunderchild-A’s then Squadron commander as a counter to ships used by a race in the M64 galaxy known as the Phor, which the squadron suffered heavy losses from. Though the Phor do not pose a current threat with the collapse of the wormhole to the M64 Galaxy this fighter is starting to be produced at 1st Lieutenant Liconie’s request.

Technical Summary

Length 20.9m
Mass 15 metric Tons
Crew capacity (Standard) 1 Pilot
Propulsion Systems
FTL System roquois M/AM Reactor Core
FTL Standard Cruise Warp 7
FTL Maximum Cruise Warp 8 (for 12 hour)
Impulse System Twin Tandem Impulse System
Standard Impulse Velocity (Full Impulse) 0.80c
Emergency Maximum Impulse Velocity 0.95c
Defensive Systems
  • 2 x Type VII Pulse Fire Phaser Cannons (forward firing arc)
  • 1 x Type IX Pulse Fire Phaser Turret (forward, p, s firing arc)
Projectile Weapons
Deflector Shields
  • 210 Isoton/s Shields
  • Type XI Deflector
Other Defensive Systems 10.5cm Type III Ablative Hull Armor
Computer Systems
Computer Cores 1
Core Type Type C Bio-Neural Geldisk FTL Core
Operating System Not in specs
Underlying Technology Solid state FTL processing
Sensor Systems
  • Standard Navigational Sensor Array
  • Enhanced Tactical Sensor Array

Detailed Technical Information


Propulsion Systems

Impulse Drive

To be added

Warp Drive

In the simplest of explanations, Matter and Anti-matter are both stored on opposing sides of each other (because of the explosive power they produce when collided) and are brought together in a central chanmber for annihilation. Anti-matter is most unstable, and as such it stored at the bottom with only a deck plate's distance in between for easy dumping.

For more indepth information please see Matter / Antimatter Warp Core

Defensive Systems


To be added



Projectile Weapons

To be added

Hull Armor

Type 3 Ablative Armor: Widely available

Quad layered ablation materials for dissipation, control, and survivability

Standard subsystem system energy cost

Approximately 1 meter

For further information please see Starship Armor Types

Computer Systems

To be added

See Also

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