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Affiliation: Federation/Starfleet
Higher Rank: Fleet Admiral
Lower Rank: Vice Admiral
Command: Fleets, Other
Known Admiral Known Admirals
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Admiral is a senior flag rank of Starfleet outranked only by a Fleet Admiral, considered equal to the rank of General in the Marine Corps. It has the rank code of A-4. The insignia consists of four full gold pips on a rectangular plate


Admirals are flag officers with a specific mandate, such as a large area of space or a division, such as the parent organizations of the departments internal to the many fleets within Starfleet. They typically however command entire Fleets. Greetings Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well. First off I want to apologize for the delay in the monthly message. For those who are not aware for the past two years I have been the guardian and conservator for my grandmother who was stricken with Alzheimer’s. She passed away during the first week of October and getting all her final affairs in order along with dealing with probate has kept me very busy. Though I have recently started getting back into the swing of things.

First off where we are. In my timeline I mentioned my goals were to:


    - Reopen Development
    - Conduct Census
    - Announce Census


    - Complete Website 
    - Recruitment Drive
    - Recruitment Boilerplates


   - Modify Rank & Simguide Requirements


     - Forum Implementation


     - Physical Rewards

I have put strikethroughs on all the items that have been completed. Many of these items were completed a lot earlier than expected. The only item I have yet to work on are recruitment boiler plates but will have those done by the end of next month.

So, I’m sure some of you are wondering…forums? I have been working on the new forum system for several weeks now. It served as a distraction during my LOA at the start of October. You can view the forum here: – one of my primary goals with a forum system was to develop something that serve as a hub and archive for all the sims of varying formats. A place where we could unite the stories of UCIP. I think this will be it- all but a few sims are set up with the system including the fleet list.

Also to christen the new forum I plan on running a writing contest. I will announce more details in the November announcements (in a few weeks) but the 1st place prize will either be a $100 or $50 Amazon e-gift card with the two other levels tapering down from there. So sign up to the forums and look forward to my November announcements.

Some misc announcements.

Sims: I closed down the USS Archer while Starbase Versailles was accepted into development.

Promotions: Rear Admiral Stormy O’Brien -> Vice Admiral w/ Professor Emeritus title. Vice Admiral James Scott -> Full Admiral.


All that aside I have been working on my November announcements for the past few days. I apologize for not having any infographics made for this announcement. I decided to save them for the November announcements since they will be detailing where I plan to focus my attention after the new year.

Have a great weekend everyone. As always if you have questions or comments you can reach me at president[at]


Jim Scott