Almar Dahe'el

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Almar Dahe'el
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Cardassia Prime







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USS Vindicator


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Physical Description

Standing at just over six foot, Almar Dahe'el is a large and imposing Cardassian, he carries the typical hairstyle associated with his people, his eyes are a deep black, his time as a Starfleet Engineer have made him quite broad and well built.

General Overview

Almar is what most people consider a gentle giant, even though he is large and quite strong, he will avoid confrontation at all costs, he is loyal to his friends and family but is also bound by duty, he will never disobey a direct order, this can occasionally cause the Cardassian great turmoil.

Strengths and Weakenesses

Physically strong and with the higher resistance common to Cardassians, Almar is a difficult opponent if he is forced to raise his fists in defense.

An excellent engineer, very duty bound, he is always striving to improve his skills, seeking out ever more challenging courses.

Hobbies and Interests

Almar is an extremely focused man, his free time is dedicated to improving himself, his "hobbies" include running training simulations in the holodeck and studying the latest technologies.

When he finds himself in a social situation, he can quite often find himself feeling like an outsider.

Personal History

Born at the time of the Bajoran-Cardassian treaty, Almar found himself growing up on a very different Cardassia than his parents, the Dominion War was a major turning point in his life, his parents took him and fled to the Federation, seeking asylum, while it was granted, they were placed on what most would consider a backwater.

The young Cardassian was a troubled child, while he excelled in school, he was bullied every day due to his race, the teachers and tutors tried to put a stop to this, but found themselves unable to do anything but offer their support, as children will do, they kept on with the bullying until Almar hit his 14th Birthday.

As a child, Almar was rather small, or maybe it appeared that way because of how the people around him made him feel.

When he turned 14, he had a growth spurt which put him a full head taller than anyone else in his class, this tempered the reactions to him somewhat, the young man now found himself with more time to focus on study and less time worrying about what other people were planning for him.

His parents, while always being supportive, were facing their own problems, adapting to life in the Federation was not an easy task for any of them.

Heading through his teens and towards adulthood, Almar focused more and more on his studies, streaking to the head of his classes and earning distinctions, particularly in Warp Theory and Technical Engineering.

At the suggestion of his tutor, the young Cardassian enrolled in Starfleet Academy at the age of 21, while they were at first wary of him, he was accepted and again went straight to the head of his class, finding himself passing through the Academy with a practiced ease.

From his Cadet cruise, up to through the ranks was rather uneventful for the Cardassian, he was quickly shuffled into Engineering, his specialities being those he was good at in school, he kept mostly to himself and earnt his ranks by being the best engineer he could be.

After being settled down on his last ship, the Cardassian was uprooted once again, his new orders? Chief Engineer onboard the newly commissioned USS Vindicator E with a promotion to Lieutenant Commander.