Almarian Fox

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Helsa Ivanova, female Almarian Fox
Little horned foxes, native to a planet in Klingon space only known by the designation K3. Given the common name of Almarian Fox in honor Almar Dahe'el, who made first contact with them.

The first known Federation encounter with the species occurred on the USS Vindicator, when a female of the species accidentally stowed away on the crashed civilian ship The Pelican. After the craft had been brought aboard the Vindicator for containment (due to Prime Directive concerns), repair, and to be reunited with the ship's owner, Noah Waterhouse, the little fox found her way into the jefferies tubes. She was discovered after her collection of materials to build a nest lead to multiple minor systems going on the fritz and Almar, the chief engineer, encountered her as he was repairing the systems. He chased her until the both of them fell into the ready room of Rochelle Ivanova.

After the little blue terrorist was mollified with chicken salad, it became clear that she had adopted Rochelle as her person. There was no parting the two. The next two months, the little blue fox proceeded to rearrange pillows, wires, and anything else she could, to make nests and she gained weight. It was believed that the latter was due to being spoiled with people food, but a few days before Christmas, it became apparent that it was because Helsa was pregnant. Little Michaelangelo was ushered into the high life of a NYC hotel penthouse, among blood, feather stuffing from pillows, and surprise.

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Michaelangelo Waterhouse, male Almarian Fox