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Amelia has numerous holodeck programs that she's received from her mother. After Diziara had a couple of bad assignments on starbases, she picked up the hobby of holodeck programming to fill the time she'd normally dedicate to flying. She creates her programs with clear documentation, with the open access for anyone to edit and adapt them (with the understanding that they'll do the same with their results) and she makes them freely available to anyone who wishes to use them.

Though Amelia hasn't had the time to learn how to program herself, she does make the collection available to her shipmates whenever she is posted somewhere with a holodeck.

Duct Tape

The most important program in the collection is Duct Tape. This was created out of necessity when Amelia and her brother were little. At first, Diziara had created programs as they requested them to keep them entertained, but as they grew older and used to their mother creating specialized programs just for them, Diziara found herself spending more and more time creating programs for her children. She would have much rather had the time to participate in them than hae to spend the time creating the programs, so she created a solution.

It took her a couple of days to make the program itself, and maybe a month more after that to add hooks and guidance into her existing collection of programs... but when she was done, she had an easy to use interface that could quickly pull any aspect of her programs out and put it into a new program. This allowed her to give her children creative freedom to make their own programs, and it make it quicker and easier for her to modify programs to suit one off needs or she wanted to get up and running quickly.

She has made the framework needed to interface with Duct Tape fully documented so that others can also add the functionality to their own programs.