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The moon of a ringed gas giant, Andoria was the capital world of the Andorian Empire, one of the founding members of the United Federation of Planets and home to the Andorians and the Aenar.

Astronomical Data


Andoria was located in a neighboring system to Vulcan, which led to a series of conflicts between the Andorian Empire and the Vulcans. In 2154, the Vulcan High Command deployed a fleet of 12 starships to Regulus, which lay just outside Andorian sensor range, preparing to attack Andoria. Andoria was also relatively close to the Sol system.

Further Information


Andoria was inhabited by the blue skinned Andorian species of humanoids, and the Aenar, a subspecies of the Andorians. There was contact between the two sentient species on Andoria in the distant past, but eventually contact was lost and both species only vaguely remembered the other in myths and stories. It was not until around 2104 that contact was re-established between the Andorians and the Aenar.

The Kumari (ice cutter) was the first ice cutter to circumnavigate Andoria.

Following the agreement of the cease fire on Weytahn in 2152, talks were continued on Andoria, where it was hoped that more than "just talk" would be accomplished.

Prior to entering the Delphic Expanse, Talas suggested to Shran that they should head back to Andoria while they were still able.

In 2154 the Vulcan High Command planned to attack Andoria.

In 2154, the crew of Enterprise set course for Andoria to return the crew of the destroyed warship Kumari home for medical attention.

"Chirurgeon" was a top medical profession on Andoria.

In designing her new solarium, Yanas Tigan used tile she imported from Andoria, which she then had hand-painted by this charming old man she met on a trip to the Hovarian Cluster.


Andoria was an ice world, with a human-breathable oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. Andorian cities were underground and took their energy from geothermal activity. The cities were connected to each other by thousands of kilometers of tunnels.

Only during rare heatwaves would the temperature on Andoria rise above freezing, and even then only for a few weeks at a time. During mid-summer, a temperature reading of -28° was not uncommon.

Kasidy Yates considered the mountains of Andoria as a site for a honeymoon with Benjamin Sisko in 2375.

Points of interest:

  • Andorian Academy
  • Wall of Heroes
  • Mountains of Andoria
  • Northern Wastes
  • Aenar Compound


  • Andorian amoeba
  • Andorian bull
  • Andorian redbat
  • Andorian tuber root
  • Ice bore
  • Zabathu