Antiproton Beam

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Technology Data
Doomsday Machine 2.jpg
Name Antiproton Beam
Type Beam Weapon
Introduced 2267
Affiliation Alien
TechStatus Prohibited
Contributor Czarr Rom

In 2267 the Federation starship USS Enterprise was investigating the dissapearence fo the USS Constellation when it made a remarkable discovery - a robotic weapon of enormous size which consumed entire planets to provide itself with fuel. The weapon used a beam of pure antiprotons to literally carve planets into pieces; a tractor beam would then gather them up and feed them to a total conversion power system within.

The machine had attacked and largely destroyed the Constellation already. Under the new command of the former Constellation captain, Commodore Decker, the Enterprise launched an attack on the weapon. The battle proved decidedly unequal; the phasers of the Enterprise proved unable to penetrate the neutronium hull of the machine, whilst the antiproton weapon was more than capable of inflicting damage on the Starship.

Whilst the Federation and other powers are capable of producing antiprotons, as yet various technical issues remain to be resolved before antiproton weaponry can be produced.Template:Glossary