Bajoran Timeline

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Ancient History

500,000 years ago 
The Ancient Bajoran culture flourishes. They are a peaceful people with many artisans and philosophers amongst the population.
250,000 years ago 
The Bajoran civilisation already follow most of the beliefs and celebrations that remain important to their people for centuries to come.
200,000 years ago 
The city of B'hala vainishes. The question of its whereabouts baffles Bajoran scientists for millenia.
10,000 years ago 
The most significant event in Bajor's history occurs when an Orb is retrieved from space, changing Bajoran theology. From then on, every 1,000 years another Orb appears near the Denorios Belt.
3,000 years ago 
Trakor encounters a vision from the Orb of Change and is inspired to write a sacred text based on his vision.
1,500 years ago 
Solar sailing ships are used by Bajor to explore the space around them. One of these ships goes on the journey to Cardassia.

Modern History

The Bajoran poet Akorem Laan disappears when his solar sailing ship is caught in an ion storm.
There is a territorial dispute on Bajor between the Navot and Paqu tribes. A treaty marks the end of the dispute and the river Glyrhond forms a boundary between the two groups.
After suffering internal difficulties, Bajor is offered help by Cardassia which secretly sees helping Bajor as an opportunity to replencish their dwindling mineral supplies.

The Cardassian Occupation

The Cardassian "aid" to Bajor is replaced by a forceful rule of oppression. Much of the planet is systematically stripped of its natural resources and the sacred Orbs are taken away.
In Dahkur Province, Kira Nerys is born. She would go on to be a pivotal player in ending the Dominion War and in Bajor subsequently joining the Federation.
The Cardassians begin construction of a purpose build mining station, Terok Nor in orbit of Bajor.
The Cardassian occupiers begin to realise that the occupation is becoming increasingly unviable, especially following pressure from the Federation after the recent end of the Federation-Cardassian War.
The occupation of Bajor finally ends with the withdrawal of the Cardassians and the establishment of a provisional government.

Bajoran Recovery

The Bajoran provisional government approaches the Federation to have a Starfleet presence in the Bajor System. Starfleet takes command of Terok Nor, renaming it to Deep Space Nine, however the security presence on the station remains Bajoran as does the station's second in command.

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