Battle for Ietia Prime

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Battle for Ietia Prime
Part of the Second Federation-Tholian War

Ietia Prime


SD 241207.28 - Present


Ietia Rebels

Notable commanders




Casualties and Losses
  • Ietia Rapid Assault Force Command Staff
  • 3300 Marine


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The Battle for Ietia Prime is a battle which took place between Federation forces and the rebel forces of Ietia in 2412, and was the opening battle of the Second Federation-Tholian War.


During the early year of 2412, the Ietia Government became involved in a civil war with members of it own people, however at first the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet kept out of the conflict since it was an internal matter. The the main cause for the rebels fighting against the legitimate government of the Ietian Assembly, was that they considered the Federation as invader in their home system.

But that changed when the Commander of Marine Operations, General Richard Sharpe ordered the 92nd Marine Expeditionary Unit to the Montara system as a peacekeeping force. Their orders were to restore order between the Ietian Government and the colonist.

However, according to Starfleet Intelligence reports on Stardate 241207.22, the Tholian Assembly began to supply and support the rebels.

On SD 241207.29, the Federation President held a press conference informing the Federation and it allies on the situation, the meeting was also attended by then-Director of Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Vice Admiral Jack Drayson.

"Your word, Admiral, but what about Malone’s? We know how he operates. He’ll send a ship to invade our territory – as the Federation has done before – and claim it’s a rescue mission – as you've done before."
    —Tholian Ambassador to then-Director of Starfleet Diplomatic Corps, Vice Admiral Jack Drayson.

Yet, the Tholian Ambassador to the Federation would express outrage when Admiral Kerry Malone was appointed as the Commander of Starfleet. The Ambassador blankly informed Drayson that the Assembly would become involved in an internal matter.

On the same day that he was appointed to his position, Admiral Malone ordered Captain Cooper Williams of the USS Atlantia to the Montara system to enforce and protect the civilian space-lanes while also assisting Ietian government forces, when needed.

A month after arriving on the planet, the 92nd MEU was gone with personnel missing, captured and killed. The entire command staff had been killed when a bomb had destroyed the command tent. With over five colony worlds lost, the RAF had been pushed back to the spaceport and confined their during the battle. With Colonel Marsh dead, he remaining soldiers were absorbed into the RAF, but that did not seem to do any good as Major General Kyle Philips only seem to be able to send out small scout teams. During this time the Government of Ietia had informed the General that the Rebels had captured the loyalists armour depot, in tact, with vehicles and all. Before his death by sniper, General Philip was able to send a message to Starfleet Command informing them of the situation. After that contact was lost with all command staff of the RAF.

On SD 241208.31, Admiral Malone ordered the Commandant of the Marine Corps to inform General Sharpe that he was ordering the Fifth Marine Expeditionary Unit to the system and the Colonel Adam Towers would be taking command of the situation. During this time it was learnt that Commander Tucker Hill of the Starfleet Joint Special Operations Command had taken command of the remaining marines of the Ninety-Second.

However, the greatest moment during the battle happened on SD 241209.01 when the USS Atlantia engaged a Tholian cruiser and two scout ships, according to the Atlantia senors the Tholian's fired the first shot that cause the small battle in the system. During a meeting between the President, Admirals Malone and Drayson the order was given for Starfleet to protect itself and the Federation.

"I authorize Starfleet to use any means necessary to protect it's people and Ietian's. If the Tholian's charge weapons and target any civilian vessel, Starfleet may open fire first to protect it."
    — The President of the Federation orders

At that moment the Federation had unofficial entered a war with the Tholian Assembly, however only the Federation Council can made a declaration. He also gave the order for Admiral Malone to send re-enforcement to Captain Williams to protect the Montara system and the Federation assets.