Border Defense Force

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Border Defense Force
Technical Details


Crew Information


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The defense of Versailles and the borders of the Quadrant have 3 elements: the 1st MEU, the Border Defense Network, or BDN, and the Border Response Group, or BRG.

1st Marine Expeditionary Unit

The MEU consists of four sections-Command Element, or CE, Air Combat Element or ACE, Ground Combat Element or GCE and the Combat Support Element or SCE. The MEU consists of about 1,359 Marines and can deploy anywhere at any time for extended periods without support.

MEU Installations

Marine Base Bengonin Futeki [ YaDalla ] Marine Base M-a1.png Mike "Phantom" Johnson
Starbase Versailles [One Section on the Station] File:N-a4.png Cerywyn

MEU Ships

USS Argieno Zeus (BDF Flag) M-a1.png Mike "Phantom" Johnson
USS Fort Hood Transport Ship Marines Experimental
USS Leyte Gulf Transport Ship Marines Experimental

MEU Units

  • Alpha Infantry Company
    • 1st Infantry Platoon
    • 2nd Infantry Platoon
    • 3rd Force Recon Platoon
      • Platoon Leader: M-o4.png Jack "Wimbly" Wimbledon
      • Platoon Lieutenant: M-o4.png Kurt Wagner
  • Bravo Armor Company [NPC]
    • 1st Armor Platoon
    • 2nd Armor Platoon
    • 3rd Armor Platoon
  • Charlie Logistical and Support Company [NPC]
    • 1st Logistical Platoon
    • 2nd Support Platoon
    • 3rd Combat Engineering Platoon
  • 200th Tactical Assault Group
    • 201st Tactical Assault Wing
      • 211th Tactical Assault Squadron
      • 212th Tactical Assault Squadron
      • 213th Tactical Bomber Squadron
    • 202nd Tactical Assault Wing
      • 221st Tactical Assault Squadron
      • 222nd Tactical Assault Squadron
      • 223rd Tactical Bomber Squadron
    • 203rd Tactical Defense Wing [NPC]
      • 234th Tactical Defense Squadron
      • 235th Tactical Defense Squadron
      • 236th Tactical Bomber Squadron

Border Response Group

The Border Response Group is a Strike Group consisting of 5 star ships and 2 combat wings. They patrol both the Klingon and Romulan borders around Versailles and, along with the MEU, are the stations first line of defense.

Border Defense Network

The BDN is one of the most important functions Starbase Versailles operates, developed for the continued protection of Beta Fleet Space the BDN constantly monitors both the Klingon and Romulan borders for any activity and gathers intelligence data.

Starbase Versailles, as the Beta Fleet Head Quarters, collects data from the BDN; it is this network that alerts Beta Fleet of any intruding forces or suspicious activities.

Border Relay Sensor Nodes

The network itself is made up of twenty-four advanced Sensor Stations, spread out across the vast borders of both Empires. These Stations are constantly serviced by the BDN Technician teams, ensuring a network failure never occurs.

Network Security

Due to the Network being a high-risk target, the 1st MEU, located beyond the YaDalla Colony, provides constant patrols by various squadrons as well as the Strike Group known as the Border Response Group and also very commonly conducting training exercises close by.