Breen Energy Dampener

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Technology Data
Breen Energy Dampner.jpg
Name Breen Energy Dampener
Type Energy Weapon
Introduced 2375
Affiliation Breen
TechStatus Special Approval
Contributor Czarr Rom

The energy dissipator (also referred to as the energy dampening weapon) was an advanced energy weapon used by Breen forces in the mid-2370s during the Dominion War.

The weapon was first encountered by Federation forces when the Breen entered the Dominion War as allies of the Dominion in 2375, at the Second Battle of Chin'toka. Since allied ships had never encountered the weapon before, it was especially effective against them. The weapon works by draining the energy of targeted ships, disabling their engines, weapons, and shields, thus making them easy targets for conventional weapons. Amongst the vessels lost to the weapon was the USS Defiant.

Klingon ships can easily be made immune to the weapon by modifing their tritium intermix. This was found by accident after the engineer of a bird of prey, the IKS Ki'tang, performed the procedure to correct a containment problem in the starship's warp core.

Unfortunately, Federation and Romulan ships can not be as easily modified. However, this problem was solved when the Federation alliance acquired a captured Jem'Hadar fighter with the weapon installed allowing engineers to ascertain a way to counteract the effects of the dampening weapon.