Cadassian Timeline

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Timeline of Cardassian History and related events.

OOC Note: All dates are in Earth Calendar Dates

3,500,000,000 B.C. 
Davonia, a moon in the Davon system on the rim of Cardassian space, is formed.
3,624 B.C. 
This is roughly the beginning of the Hebitian Age, also known as the Age of the Five Kingdoms, on Cardassia Prime. A golden age of peace and plenty.
This is roughly the era of the decline of the Hebitian Age on Cardassia Prime. The depletion of the planet's resources and the rise of a world- wide ascetic movement breeds a new variety of stoics calling themselves Cardassians, meaning 'people of discipline'. Ignoring the boundaries of the Hebitian kingdoms, the new society will come to revolve around extended families, where respect for one's elders supersedes respect for one's monarch. The Cardassians will have a great many centuries of misery ahead of them
Ancient Bajorans successfully pilot a Solar Sailing ship to Cardassia Prime.
The Cardassians enter the neighbouring Daair system. The natives capture the sublight scout and swiftly reproduce it. They return to the Cardassian Union with a small fleet of scout ships and offer an alliance. They accept and both species work together.
Cardassia Prime achieves warp capability.
A Cardassian farmer stumbles onto a Hebitian tomb in what was once the kingdom of Klu'haa. Before the discovery is a day old, the burial chamber is looted by the farmer and his starving neighbors and its treasures exchanged for food on the black market. They will all die within weeks from a vicious strain of 'viper's eye' – one of several deadly diseases that had ravaged Cardassia off and on for several centuries. The nearly bankrupt Cardassian world government begins to excavate the surrounding countryside in the hope of finding additional tombs and artifacts. When a second burial chamber is uncovered, its riches wind up in the hands of the then-humble Cardassian Central Command, which uses them to finance a foray against the people of a neighbouring world. A successful venture, the defeated civilization's resources are seized and brought back to Cardassia Prime, enabling Central Command to capture the people's imagination. Excavations will continue and with each burial chamber brought to light, the military's power will grow. Tret Akleen, the putative founder of modern Cardassia, probably comes to power during this era and the Akleen Sector on Cardassia will be named in his honor.
Some of Cardassia's ancient artifacts are kept in a vault controlled by the Obsidian Order.
During this period the legendary Hoard of Dujonian is hidden: Dujonian, a Cardassian, steals all the Hebitian glor'ya-encrusted artifacts from a recently unearthed Hebitian tomb. Glor'ya jewels have properties similar to dilithium but are vastly superior, making the Hoard all the more valuable for propulsion and weapons systems.
A non-Federation, Human colony on Europa Nova is founded about this time. They seriously consider starting a second colony on the 7th planet in the system but a conflict arises with the Cardassians and the planet is transformed into an asteroid belt. (This is perhaps the earliest known contact between Humans and Cardassians). Europa Nova will have several trade agreements with Andor
The Ingavi fall under the control of the Cardassian Union. A group of about 2,000 manage to flee before their planet is completely annexed. They will colonize Sindorin in the Badlands
The ailing planet of Bajor is offered help by the neighbouring Cardassians, thus beginning a relationship that will soon turn sour.
A Cardassian ship crashlands on Juhraya and first contact is made between Humans of the United Federation Of Planets and Cardassians. But it goes unrecorded.
The surveyor U.S.S. Philadephia NCC-3922 encounters an unknown alien vessel in the region of the Borilae Corridor. The unknown vessel is a Cardassian cruiser and this is the first contact with the Cardassian Union
Cardassian expansion escalates as they announce the annexation of the planet, Bajor, and it's surrounding colonies.
Many Bajorans migrate to other worlds including the Valo system near the Cardassian Union
The planet Bajor is formally annexed into the Cardassian Union.
By this time, the Cardassians have strip-mined and deserted the Kylatir Meadows on Bajor.
Border tensions between the Cardassians and the Federation begin to heat up.
The USS Memphis encounters hostile Cardassian forces and sustains heavy damage to the bridge in a direct attack. With the tactical officer killed, Lt. Jellico replaces her. He devises a successful strategy and wins the encounter.
Captain Benjamin Maxwell of the USS Rutledge loses his wife and children in a Cardassian attack on the Federation colony of Setlik III. One crewmember of the Rutledge, Boone, is captured and later killed by the Cardassians.
Following the attack on Setlik III, Federation/Cardassian border skirmishes break out into open war.
During the Federation Border Wars, the Gharva Riots in the city of Gharva on Cardassia Prime force the government to take a hard look at the way it deals with the allocation of resources.
Construction of the ninth of Cardassia's ore processing stations (Terok Nor) begins in orbit of Bajor.
Lt. Commander Jellico is promoted to Commander when the First Officer of the USS Cairo is killed in an ambush by Cardassians while leading an away mission to an uncharted planet near the border of Cardassian space. Jellico serves as the First Officer of the Cairo.
When Captain Ashford of the USS Cairo NCC-42136 is killed in a Cardassian attack, Commander Jellico is promoted to Captain of the ship for his "efficient, demanding style of command"
Gul Dukat becomes Prefect of Terok Nor. He holds this post for nine years.
Odo, a shapeshifter unaware of his origins, meets the prefect of Terok Nor for the first time at a demonstration of his abilities at the Bajoran Center For Science. Odo impresses people by doing the Cardassian "neck trick" Dukat eventually hires Odo for Security Duties aboard the station.
The Cardassian occupation of Bajor is under threat. A counterinsurgency program is installed into the computer system of Terok Nor.
Hostilities between the Federation and Cardassian abate after a peace treaty is signed. However there remain several contested border disputes.
A Cardassian Science Station is destroyed by the Federation starship, USS Phoenix. Former crewmember of the USS Rutledge which fought at Setlik III, Maxwell believed the station to be a secret weapons transport facility. The USS Enterprise stops the Phoenix before it can attack anymore Cardassian hardware. But Picard warns Gul Macet that the Federation is well aware of the Cardassians movements.
The Cardassian Union decides to withdraw from Bajoran territories after years of terrorist activities make their administration untenable. A provisional government on Bajor is then installed. The Cardassians don't leave quietly; prior to abandoning Bajor, they poison much of the farmlands. Terok Nor is also abandoned; it too is sabotaged.
The Federation is requested by the Bajorans to establish a presence in their sector.
The Bajoran Wormhole is soon thereafter discovered; the Cardassians initiate an attack on the newly renamed Deep Space Nine. But they later withdraw when threatened with reprisals by the Federation. The Enterprise stops off at Deep Space Nine after retrieving Captain Picard from behind Cardassian territory.
After protracted negotiations between the United Federation Of Planets and the Cardassian Union, a Demilitarised Zone is established between their respective borders. Several well established colonies from both sides are to be relocated as a result of the new boundaries.
Cardassian forces regroup along the Federation border after withdrawing from Bajoran space.
Disenchanted Federation colonists living near the Cardassian border are upset by the new Demilitarised Zone and the prospect of being relocated. Feeling abandoned by the Federation, the band together and form the group who call themselves the Maquis, a name borrowed from a French resistance fighters of the planet Earth's World War II.
The new Maquis, grow angrier every day at the problems associated with the Federation/Cardassian bored changes. Cardassian travesties committed against the colonists only inflame their outrage. The Maquis grow in number and determination.
An incident in Ropal City, in which two Federation citizens are stoned by Cardassians, further inflames the growing unrest among the colonists in the DMZ. There are suggestions that the Cardassian authorities were behind the attack.
A Cardassian freighter, Bok'Nor* explodes as it leaves Deep Space Nine. The Cardassians suspect the ever growing Maquis are involved; they are also upset that the Federation is not doing more to police their unruly colonists, Calvin Samuels, is implicated by the Cardassian authorities after allegedly confessing his involvement in the Bok'Nor* incident. He dies in Cardassian custody. (*see Military)
Gul Dukat is abducted from Deep Space Nine by Maquis members while he is giving assistance to the investigation of the Bok'Nor explosion. His rescue is ordered by commander Benjamin Sisko.
Commander Sisko attempts to negotiate Gul Dukat's releases from the Maquis. These efforts fail, and he has no choice but to use force; the rescue attempt is successful.
The Federation learns of some disturbing evidence which reveals that the Cardassians are supplying their own DMZ colonists with illegal weapons, an act in flagrant breach of the Federation/Cardassian Treaty. Later, a Maquis strike against a Cardassian weapons depot is thwarted by Dukat and Sisko. Had the Maquis mission been successful in destroying the depot, many lives would have been lost and the incident would have surely have precipitated an unwanted war between the Federation and Cardassian.
Cardassian colonists near the DMZ, who are upset with the current Maquis activity, play a game of tit-for-tat when they destroy a Juhrya freighter. The Cardassian government condemns the incident
While camping in the Gamma Quadrant, Commander Sisko, his son Jake, Quark and his nephew Nog encounter the Jem'Hadar, soldiers of the Dominion. They warn against further travel through the Bajoran Wormhole.
The Jem'Hadar attack and destroy the New Bajor colony in the Gamma Quadrant.
The Federation starship, USS Odyssey enters the Wormhole to investigate the Jem'Hadar and their warnings. The Odyssey is destroyed by three Jem'Hadar ships.
Vedek Bareil, as one of Kai Winn's advisors begins talks with Legate Turrel in the hope of establishing a peace treaty between the Bajorans and Cardassians.
In response to the Jem'Hadar threat the USS Defiant arrives at Deep Space Nine. The Defiant Class vessel was originally designed to combat the Borg. The Romulans loan the Federation a cloaking device for the vessel, on the stipulation that is not be used outside the Gamma Quadrant.
The Founders of the Dominion are discovered to be of the same race as security chief of Terok Nor and Deep Space Nine, Odo. The Founders homeplanet is in the Omarion Nebula
During weapons upgrades to Deep Space Nine, a Cardassian counterinsurgency program is accidentally triggered. This system was originally installed when the station was known as Terok Nor, when it was feared a Bajoran uprising. It is disengaged only by the assistance of former Terok Nor prefect Gul Dukat.
Secret plans to destroy the Dominion Founder's homeworld are hatched by secret intelligence wing of both the Cardassian Union and the Romulan Star Empire. Working together, members of the Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar work without the knowledge of their respective governments to carry out their planned attack. They send a fleet to the Orias Sector with the Cardassian Enabran Tain acting as the mastermind behind the scheme. The Dominion Founders learn of the secret Romulan/Cardassian plan and evacuate in preparation for the attack. Intelligence for the Maquis discovers the plan and mistakenly suspects an attack on Federation colonies.
Transporter duplicate of Commander William Riker, Thomas Riker, goes AWOL from the USS Ghandi to support the Maquis. He travels to Deep Space Nine where he masquerades as William. He steals the USS Defiant and takes it to the Badlands an area favoured by the Maquis. There, plans for a pre-emptive strike against the Cardassians are formed.
Commander Sisko is concerned that the Maquis' action will threaten the fragile Cardassian/Federation peace treaty. Sisko informs the Cardassians to the Maquis plan and acts as an intermediary during the crisis. Thomas Riker uses the Defiant to launch several attacks on Cardassian bases but is eventually captured. Thomas Riker is sentenced to hard labour on Lazon II by the Cardassians.
A Cardassian/Bajoran peace treaty is signed by Legate Turrel and Kai Winn, after years of talks between Turrel and Vedek Bareil. Bareil is fatally wounded by an explosion and dies soon afterwards.
A joint Cardassian/Federation project allows subspace communications through the Bajoran Wormhole.
Plans for the attack on the Founder's homeworld by the Obsidian Order and the Tal Shiar are finalized.
The attack on the Omarian Nebula planet is ambushed by Dominion Forces. All vessels are destroyed and the Obsidian Order head Enabran Tain is presumed dead.
The resulting failure of this attack creates unrest on Cardassia Prime.
The Detapa Council, a civilian controlled government, takes control of Cardassia's affairs after the overthrow of the more militaristic Cardassian Central Command. This action follows a period of uprising throughout the Cardassian Union.
A Klingon Armada arrives at Deep Space Nine. Starfleet calls upon Lieutenant Commander Worf to act as a liaison between the Klingons and Starfleet.
The weapons upgrades on Deep Space Nine are completed.
The Klingons believe the new Detapa Council is symbolic of Cardassia being under Dominion control. Despite the protests of Captain Sisko, General Martok takes his fleet of ships into Cardassian space and launches an attack with Cardassia's imminent fall, Sisko leads an attempt to rescue members of the Detapa Council from the planet. The Klingons are repelled but their foothold is established. The Federation/Klingon alliance is in tatters and LtCmdr Worf faces discommendation on his homeworld.
Major Kira Nerys and Gul Dukat go in search of the Ravinok a personnel transport that disappeared 6 years previous. It crash-landed after being attacked by Breen forces; one of the survivors turns out to be Tora Ziyal, the illegitimate daughter of Dukat and his Bajoran mistress Tora Naprem, who died in the crash.
When Dukat returns to Cardassia with news of his illegitimate daughter he is immediately stripped of everything he hold precious; his title is removed, his advisory position to the Detapa Council is no longer required, his family leave him, and his mother disowns his. Adding insult to injury, Dukat is them demoted to commanding the freighter ship Groummal. His daughter is forced to live on the freighter with him. Dukat's first officer on the Groummal is Glinn Damar.
A conference between Bajorans and Cardassian concerning the Klingon threat is held at Korma. It is disrupted by Klingon forces. Gul Dukat and Kira Nerys on their way to the conference in the Groumall are attacked by a Bird-Of-Prey. Dukat manages to steal the Klignon Vessel and he begins a one-man retaliation crusade against the Klingons, but not before sending his daughter Tora Ziyal to join Kira Nerys on Deep Space Nine.
The Cardassian Government requests Starfleet protection from possible Klingon strikes against supply ships to Pentath III, where the colonists are suffering from an outbreak of Rudellian plague.
The Maquis seek to take advantage of recent Cardassian losses by stepping up their activity in the Demilitarised Zone. Starfleet suspects a build-up of Maquis bases in the Badlands
After a request from the Cardassian government, the Federation supplies 12 Class-4 industrial replicators to help in their rebuilding following the Klingon invasion.
Starfleet Security officer, Michael Eddington, is revealed to be a Maquis operative. Eddington manages to avoid capture when he flees Deep Space Nine. He also steals the 12 Class-4 industrial replicators intended for the Cardassians.
Through a Federation covert operation, the Klingon General Martok is revealed to be a Dominion Founder spy.
Elim Garak and LtCmdr Worf discover Enabran Tain, General Martok, and Dr Bashir at a Dominion Internment camp.
With the Federation/Klingon alliance reinstated, Federation, Klingon, and Romulan forces take up defensive positions around Deep Space Nine in preparation for a Dominion invasion.
Dominion Forces come out of the wormhole, but head straight for Cardassian space. Gul Dukat had secretly negotiated Cardassia's entrance into the Dominion, with Dukat as the Cardassian leader. Making Cardassia and it's territories the first to come under Dominion rule in the Alpha Quadrant.
Captain Sisko is ordered to stop further Dominion forces from entering the Alpha Quadrant via the Bajoran Wormhole. He decides to mine the entrance of the wormhole, when though this risks starting open war between the Federation and the Dominion. The USS Defiant deploys a cloaked self-replicating minefield. The Dominion representative, Weyoun who was on Deep Space Nine discussing a non-aggression treaty, warns that the Dominion will launch an offensive against Deep Space Nine if the mines are not removed. Sisko ask General Martok to defend the Defiant, he also recommends that Bajor accept the non-aggression offered by the Dominion.
Deep Space Nine is evacuated of civilians. The minefield is finished and activated, and Deep Space Nine is evacuated by all non-Bajoran personnel, (except Quark, Rom, Nog, Jakes Sisko and Morn) but not after being savagely sabotaged.
While all this occurred a Federation Taskforce attacked a Dominion Shipyard within Cardassian Space.
Deep Space Nine is taken by Dominion and Cardassian forces, and renamed Terok Nor.
Kira, Jake, Nog, Rom, Quark and Odo stir up bad feelings between the Dominion and Cardassian forces stationed on the newly renamed Terok Nor.
After months of victories against the Federation and Klingons the Cardassian/Dominion coalition figured out a way to disable the minefield.
The Federation learns of this and taskforce is established to re-take Terok Nor, they are too late to prevent the destruction of the minefield, Captain Sisko, aboard the USS Defiant, enters the wormhole to single-handedly prevent Dominion forces from entering the Alpha Quadrant, to the shock of everyone the Defiant is the only vessel to emerge from the wormhole.
With the main body of the Federation/Klingon taskforce on it's way, the Cardassian/Dominion force retreat back to Cardassian space.
Dukat's daughter Ziyal is killed, and Dukat himself is driven insane by the event.
Glinn Damar, promoted to Legate, is made the new head of the Cardassian people. He announces that the Dominion and Cardassians want to discuss peace with the Federation.
An insane Dukat, while enroute to an investigation of his warcrimes, escapes vowing to "destroy Bajor"
A Dominion Vorta initiates a contract with the Orion Syndicate to assassinate the Klingon Ambassador to Farius, in the hopes this will destabilize the Federation/Klingon Alliance. The plot is thwarted.
An investigation of the Romulan Senator Vreenak's death in a shuttle explosion leads the Romulans to believe that he was killed while trying to get an isolinear rod to his people. The rod contained a secret meeting between Weyoun and Damar concerning the invasion of the Romulan Star Empire. (In actual fact the rod was a fake, and his shuttle explosion was caused by Elim Garak) The Romulans shortly there after declare war on the Dominion and join forces with the Federation and Klingons.
A Federation/Klingon/Romulan taskforce invade the Chin'toka system. Dukat possessed by a Pah-Wraith, "attacks" one of the Bajoran Orbs, releasing the Pah-Wraith into the Bajoran Wormhole, closing it. All the Orbs fall silent.
Through actions of Captain Sisko, the Bajoran Wormhole is re-opened.
Meanwhile a Klingon taskforce successfully destroys the Monac Shipyards.
Ezri Dax and Worf are captured by the Breen who are later to be revealed as the Dominion's new allies. Legate Damar is concerned over the lack of power his people have.
Damar laughs out loud when Worf kills the seventh Weyoun: His loyaltly to his people is conflicting with the Dominion.
Damar arranges for Ezri Dax and Worf's escape when Cardassian forces are massacred on Septimus III due to the inaction of the Dominion. He insists that Dax and Worf inform Starfleet they now have an ally.
The Breen retake the Chin'toka system from the Federation.
Damar rallies all Cardassians to fight against the Dominion, he starts the rebellion by destroying the Vorta Cloning facility on Rondac III. The fate of the Alpha Quadrant now lies mostly on Damar's shoulders.
Commander Kira Nerys, with a temporary Starfleet Commission, travels to Cardassia with Odo and Garak to assist Damar in guerrilla tactics against the Dominion.
Damar and Kira's resistance force successfully steal a Breen equipped Jam'Hadar warship for Starfleet dissemination.
In an effort to create despair Weyoun claims that Damar has been killed and the Cardassian resistance cells across the planet wiped out. But Damar uses his elevated popularity to spur his people to revolt against the occupying Dominion forces.
The largest ever taskforce, assembled by the Federation/Klingon/Romulan Alliance, heads for Cardassia Prime.
Damar, Garak and Kira step up the Cardassian revolt by destroying the Dominion's long range communications. In response the Dominion destroys Locarian City killing 2 million Cardassians.
Damar is sadly killed while launching an attack on the Dominion HQ. This results in instant martyrdom spurring on a large percentage of the Cardassian population to fight for their freedom.
With Dominion communications down, the Cardassian fleet switches sides and fights against the Dominion.
The Dominion withdraws to a perimeter around Cardassia Prime.
The final battle takes place around Cardassia Prime. Though the planet is finally liberated and the Dominion withdraws back to the Gamma Quadrant, the war left scars in the Cardassian Union that will take a long time to heal.
The rebuilding of Cardassia begins.
Cardassian Union requests the return of several systems captured during the war that had belonged to them before the beginning of it. The Federation and Klingons comply, but the Romulans do not. Starfleet and the Cardassians begin blockading the systems from all incoming Romulan supplies, which results in a large Romulan task force being sent to defend the systems.
Seeing that war is imminent, the Romulans launch a surprise, cloaked attack deep into Federation and Klingon territory. They remove their people from the Cardassian systems, but the Klingons are put on the defensive permanently following the loss of 313 ships in the surprise attack.
United Federation of Planets declare war on the Romulan Star Empire and take over several border colonies. The Klingons and Cardassians enter a state of isolation, rebuilding their Empires and closing all borders.
At a gathering of all powers of the two quadrants, the Interstellar Trade Federation is established because of the economic problems being faced by not only the major powers, but the middle powers as well. The Federation, as well as the Klingons, Romulans, Cardassians, Kzinti, Orions, Tamarians, and Gorn sign the treaty, with the Tholians and Hydrans signing on later in the month. The Ferengi denounce the treaty as bad for their business, but trading relations between the Ferengi and other powers are not significantly damaged.
Just when the ITF is at it's peak, it takes a blow, as the Romulans, Tholians, and Lyrans all depart, stating that their economy is back on track and they did not need the help of others.
The Federation and Cardassian Union sign an affiliation treaty, allowing free exchange of all citizens and ships between the two. The treaty is frowned upon by the Klingons, who still officially had no relationship status with the Federation.
Breen Confederacy enters a state of civil war, with the rebel leader, Gaub, sending a message on all channels announcing that the sanctions placed against his people would go on no longer. A large majority of the Breen follow Gaub, and within two weeks he has control of the government. The Klingons and Cardassians send warships to the Breen border (not together). Upon arrival they were driven away by the Breen, who had developed a new advanced torpedo without the Federation or anyone else knowing. The torpedo could pierce through a ship's shields, making the hull the only protection a ship would have against it.
Klingon Empire and Cardassian Union sign a mutual defense treaty against the Breen Confedracy. The Federation continues to try and mediate the situation, offering to lift some of the sanctions, but the Breen refuse to listen, and send more ships to their border.
Under pressure from the Cardassians and Klingons, and not getting anywhere with the Breen, the Federation joins the two in their defense treaty against the Breen. 250 Federation starships are sent to to their border with the Breen, as the Federation begins gearing up for it's third bloody war in 5 years.
Despite outnumbered by the Alliance 14 to 1, the Breen begin attacking the Starfleet, Klingon and Cardassian ships along their border, and their new torpedo meets with great success.
The following day the Breen surrender, and accept the terms of their enemies, which were the same sanctions that had been placed on them at the end of the Dominion war. The torpedo is confiscated, and a defense to it is made by the Federation and distributed to the rest of the galaxy.
Federation, Klingon Empire, and Cardassian Union sign a defensive alliance against any race that would attack them. It is the first formal relations between the Klingons and Federation for nearly 10 years.
Cardassians and Klingons follow the Federation in setting up colonies in the Gamma Quadrant, followed later in the month by the Ferengi. These colonies are further away from Dominion territory, and the Federation guarantees their protection.
In a historic event, the Federation sign a non-aggression pact with the Dominion. Dominion vessels are allowed back into the Alpha Quadrant, but only if accompanied by a Starfleet ship at all times. General trade begins with the Karemma, the major economic power in the Dominion.
Cardassian Union does not recognize the non-aggression pact, and vows to destroy any Dominion ship they come across, declaring that they will do so no matter what the Federation thinks.
Without any reason given, both the Cardassian and Klingon governments decide to end their mutual defence treaty, and the Cardassians end their treaty with the Federation, denouncing their newfound treaty with the Dominion. Besides the Federation/Klingon defensive alliance, and the occasional non-aggression pact, there are no major power alliances throughout the Alpha Quadrant.
Romulan ships begin attacking ships in unclaimed space, mostly freighters and cargo ships. Cardassians follow suit with the same techniques some days later. In a more surprising move, the Federation does nothing.
On the planet Orisus Three, a gathering of several dozen Starfleet, Romulan, Cardassian, and Klingon CO's occurs in utter secrecy. There, they all agree that the highest levels of their government seem to be showing signs of extraordinary and odd behaviour, and they take up a stance against their governments by forming a fleet of their own. With no hope of victory, they engage to find the source of this problem.
Sending spies into the higher levels of the government, the Klingon and Starfleet CO's find out that a symbiotic race that controls the human mind and breathes through a small gill protruding from the back of the neck, seen once before by the Federation more than twenty-five years previously, had taken over the highest levels of their government. It is determined that the nebula labelled "Mystery" by the Federation was the home of these creatures, and they took over the crews of the ships that ventured into their realm.
As the time of all-out war between the "patriots" in the government and the "traitors" in the new fleet of ships, the spies manage to find the mother creatures within the key officials in their governments, killing the other symbionts and vanquishing them from all the governments. It is sadly discovered that Admiral Trish Wallace, one of the most decorated officers in Starfleet's history had been taken over by the mother creature, and was heading up the operation for all of the symbionts in the quadrant. She is killed along with many others. After this is completed, Rear Admiral Mark Miller, the last remaining Senior Staff member, is appointed to Commander in Chief and promoted to Fleet Admiral in Starfleet.
Cardassian Union takes the brunt of the losses from the "Patriotic War", having lost a large majority of their Government, many of which being the only ones who remembered the Dominion days. This becomes a cause for concern throughout the quadrant, as slowly the Cardassians begin to return to the "old ways".
Klingon Empire, working on it's own, destroys the 'Mystery' nebula, and the creatures, forever.
As the new year approaches, the new leaders of the Federation, Romulan, Klingon and Cardassian governments meet to discuss the unification of their peoples into one cohesive unit, a massive alliance the likes of which no one had ever seen. The proposal's initial name was the United Galactic Alliance of Planets, and the plans were set into motion to start the UGAP within one year.
As expected, the UGAP project met with serious opposition, and in the first open revolt against UGAP, a bombing occurred in the center of the Starfleet Academy Building in San Francisco, killing nearly eight hundred cadets and teachers in a never-before seen protest of the new alliance.
In the single, most devastating terrorist blow known to Federation history, the USS Agamemnon and the USS Hiroshima are completely destroyed as they enter a mined asteroid field with an automatic distress signal rigged in it by the terrorists. The terrorist group that released its claim of responsibility over subspace wanted to be known as the League for Freedom.
Purely by accident, an official from the Federation stumbles upon the knowledge that the Cardassians have, in fact consolidated again with Dominion shapeshifters, and that they have replaced key officials in the UGAP project. When that knowledge leaks across subspace, the Cardassians panic and their Dominion spies in the networks of the 3 governments suddenly shift, attempting to kill as many of the people around them as they can before dying. Several key leaders in all governments are killed. After careful investigation of the areas where the Cardassians were staying, a direct link was found from them to the League for Freedom, proving they were responsible for its creation and actions.
Stepping up the security in the chambers where the UGAP project was to be discussed, the Cardassians were forcibly expelled from all Romulan, Federation, and Klingon worlds, and they returned to Cardassia to cope with the Dominion's disappointment. The remaining and replacement leaders sent from the three remaining governments step up plans on the UGAP project, hoping to finish it before the New Year, and the slogan of the UGAP project is adopted at that moment: "Never again will we be destroyed from within."
New Cardassian leader, Legate Toran, sends a message across subspace stating the reasons that the Cardassian Union had once again sided with the Dominion. In it, he stated that the Cardassians were getting nowhere as a whole, and would never get back to their former great status without help, help which only the Dominion could provide. He insisted that the Cardassians had control over their situation, unlike last time, and they promised that the galaxy would soon fear the name 'Cardassia' as it had decades earlier. Large transports that the Federation had previously escorted through the Alpha Quadrant begin to send out wave after wave of Jem`Hadar fighters for Cardassia, it being discovered that these transports were in fact carrier ships which were able to hide themselves from Federation scans. The threat of war returns immediately.
Cardassian resistance to the Dominion begins immediately, but any organized groups are put down as quickly as they appear by the Jem`Hadar, who had managed to smuggle in well over 2000 ships with the Cardassian Government's assistance. Because of their own colonies being in the Gamma Quadrant, the Federation does not close or mine the wormhole.
Fleet Admiral Mark Miller, CinC of Starfleet, broadcasts the historic subspace message regarding the birth of the newly-renamed United ConFederation of Interstellar Planets: "Greetings. As you all know, the UGAP project has been underway for quite a while now. The final stages are complete, and now the three governments: Starfleet, Romulan, and Klingon, have all allied ourselves into one cohesive union, which is, from this point on, to be known as the United ConFederation of Interstellar Planets. The UCIP is a dream, a dream that many, many people have died to complete, but now, and forever, may this symbol of peace between our peoples stand solid, help us destroy foes from without, and from within, and enrich and enlighten each other's races with knowledge." Admiral Miller subsequently brings together the UCIP Interplanetary Council, the civilian body of individuals overseeing the non-military affairs of those planets within UCIP, and the Council votes Vice Admiral Daniel Brown into Commander in Chief of the UCIP Fleet Command, now containing the Klingon Defence Fleet, the Romulan Fleet, and the Starfleet.
Cardassian/Dominion Alliance cease their preparations for attack, and instead begin building ships, while the Federation keeps a large fleet near their colonies in the Gamma Quadrant, always prepared for a Dominion attack.
Without any warning, the Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant depart Cardassian space, setting course for the long journey home to the Gamma Quadrant, seeing that a war would be quickly lost. With no more Jem`Hadar in their space, the Cardassian resistance quickly begins taking worlds over once more, "for Cardassia".
UCIP and its allies fall back from Cardassian territory. UCIP allows the Cardassian internal matter to settle itself.
Cardassian Union enters a state of civil war, with the two primary factions being those loyal to the Government (under Legate Toran) during the latest Dominion war (where there was great economic boom not seen in over 20 years), and those loyal to a free Cardassia, who had made up the resistance.
In a very quick gathering of forces, the "Freedom Fighters" sent 76 of their ships into the Cardassia system, along with a large number of troop transports. It didn't take long for the Government forces to see that even though they had fortified the Cardassian planets, that they were still going to lose in the end. With that, Legate Toran, the leader of the Government forces, took the remaining 21 Government ships and left the Cardassian system. Pursuit was given, but soon abandoned as the 15 ships that survived (many of them severely damaged) entered the Badlands.
Seeing that their leader and ships had abandoned them, all the Government troops on the Cardassia system planets soon surrendered, and disarmed the orbital defences. Any that refused to join the new Government were executed. Upon entering the other systems that were still under Government control, it was found that they had been completely abandoned of all forces. The Independents now had complete control over all of Cardassian space.
Shortly thereafter a new system of government was set up, a democratic style Detapa Council, much the same as the original Detapa Council, would control all elements of Cardassian Government. But diplomacy, expansion and the military would be controlled by the New Central Command. The two parties would liase regularly during quarterly meetings on Cardassia Prime.
Legate Toran returns, and tries to restart where he left off.
Rear Admiral Noah Jayden of the United ConFederation Fleet, meets with Central Command to try to get the Cardassian Union to join the UCF. The Cardassian's refuse, stating that Legate Toran is too much of a Security Risk. But, they say, if Jayden were to capture Toran they would consider joining.
Jayden succesfully captures Toran, who is then tried and executed.
The Cardassian Union joins the United ConFederation Fleet.
CDS Thorkahn CCV-1512, the first of a new Galor design is commissioned…