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All Cadets are required to take and pass basic simguide in order to advance to the rank of Ensign or higher. Any Cadet may take an Advanced Course provided he or she has passed Basic Simguide or is in good Standing while taking the simguide course. It is highly recommended that in taking an advanced course the student chose the Adanced Course covering the area he or she is currently working in.

Students may sign up for courses in several ways.

1.) Go to the Starfleet academy forum link in academy in the Lcars. Choose the course forum and go to the applications forum under that course. They can post their application there.

2,) By talking with an Instructor on the IRC channel #Academy

3.) By signing up at the old web sight

Required information:

           Course name:
        Character name:
             Sim  Name:
 Sim command e-mail address:

The signed up student should receive a greeting within 48 hours of application.

Respectfully RAdm Jim Scott, Cmdt, Starfleet Academy, UCIP org