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A listing of all available Image categories for the Bravo Fleet Infobase.

  • Category:Images-Awards - For all UCIP level awards
  • Category:Images-Banners - For all mission banners or or other misc banner type images (Not simm banners)
  • Category:Images-Characters - For all Player Characters and Non Player Characters
  • Category:Images-Creatures - For all creatures (non-sentient aliens, beasts, pets, etc.)
  • Category:Images-Gear - For all images of non-weapon equipment
  • Category:Images-Historical - For all images related to ship lineage
  • Category:Images-Locations - For all locations that are not images of planets
  • Category:Images-Logos - For all organization logos, patches, etc.
  • Category:Images-Maps - For all maps
  • Category:Images-Miscellaneous - For any image that does not fit in with the other categories
  • Category:Images-Planets - For all Planets
  • Category:Images-Plaques - For all Dedication Plaques
  • Category:Images-Races - For images of representatives of a race, non character images
  • Category:Images-Ranks - For all rank images
  • Category:Images-Simms - For all simm banner images
  • Category:Images-Starfleet Academy Diplomas - For all Starfleet Academy Diplomas
  • Category:Images-Starbases - For all space based installations (Note: images of planet based facilities belong in Locations)
  • Category:Images-Starships - For all Starships
  • Category:Images-Uniforms - For all uniforms (Note: not people IN uniform)
  • Category:Images-Users - For RL User photographs or other member images
  • Category:Images-Vehicles - For all non-space vehicles
  • Category:Images-Weapons - For all Weapons