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Ch'Krang son of K'Alith
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Ch'Krang, Son of K'Alith, Head of the house of Ch'Krang, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council


Not alot is known about this large warrior, the records of the Empire are vague at best, especially concerning those officers who are sent to fight against the more secretive enemies of the Empire.

His early life was spent on Qo'Nos with his father who taught him how to hunt on the familys land, there he proved that he was to be a mighty warrior as he bought down his first few large beasts alot sooner than his father had expected, when he reached the age of 41, his father bought him a Vor'Cha class cruiser using the money he had gained through smart trading with a few of the less powerful houses, it was christened the IKS Ya'Vang and the young Ch'Krang arranged for a crew of close friends, old allies and trusted warriors to join him on his first mission, it was a roaring success and the young officer was decorated by the Empire for his efforts.

He spent another few years travelling around before stopping at Earth to visit a few friends who had decided to settle in the Federation, there he met a woman by the name of Lisa Ann Marie Foster, oddly the Klingon fell for her charm and firey personality as well as he stunning looks, the two were soon engaged and married and after many happy years together she fell pregnant with their child.

On Stardate 238305.28 his son, Ch'Tan was born, however shortly after the birth, the IKS Ya'Vang was ordered to the far side of the Empire, to the rear edge of Romulan space to set up a base, a place where they could watch for expansion in the Romulan Star Empire.

That was the last that was heard of Ch'Krang until Stardate 240906.07 when the battlescarred IKS Ya'Vang emerged from Romulan space alone and set a course straight for the homeworld, it was revealed that a saboteur, working for the Romulans had sent the fleet into Zentron space where they encountered their capital fleet, the Klingon ships, while strong, were no match for the huge power of the capital ship, two Klingon ships made it out of Zentron space, the second destroyed in skirmishes while making their way back through Romulan space.

After returning to the Klingon Empire and finding his father had died, Ch'Krang inherited the responsibilities as well as the House, becoming the head of the House of Ch'Krang.

However, shortly after hearing of this, the proud Klingon heard from various sources that his son, Ch'tan, was onboard a ship with Romulans, fearing the worst, he made his way to the last known location of the ship, not knowing what he would find.

What the Klingon did find, was a Starfleet Ship, crewed by both Romulans and Starfleet officers, his son was also in a comatose state after being attacked by a Romulan Assasin.

Ch'Krang demanded that the Romulan CO of the Charon release his son into his care, however she refused, stating that with Starfleet Medical care, Ch'tan would recover, reluctantly, Ch'Krang agreed to leave his son in their care and shadowed the Charon during their mission, when Ch'tan recovered, he found his father by his bedside and the two got to know each other over a couple of days.

Recent Activity

While his son and the Ya'Vang were off fighting the Civil War, Ch'Krang was on Qo'Nos, he challenged the authority of the former Chancellor and after defeating him in a duel, was given command of the High Council.


K'Alith (Father, Deceased)

Lisa Ann Marie Foster (Wife, Deceased)

Ch'Tan Foster (Son, Starfleet, Rank: Commander)