Civilian Corps

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Civilian Corps
Civilian Corps Commander C-19 TBA


The Civilian Corps are civilians contracted by Starfleet to hold a position or advise to a certain field or fields on board military ships and installations. Normally they are the best in their given field and have had schooling and a few years of experience behind them before being accepted into the Civilian Corps. The uniforms are akin to the 2260's uniforms with a black, long sleeve t-shirt and BDU style black pants with the pant legs loosely tucked into boots. A standard issue comm badge is worn like Starfleet officers along with a shoulder patch identifying the individual as Civilian Corps. The grades are C1-C19 and have no rank pips. The shoulder patch is worn on the left shoulder aligned with the standard comm badge and the civilian patch identifies them as being with the Civilian Corps. These grades are not ranks but levels allowing for security clearance levels, leadership roles within the Starfleet structure and being able to lead military personnel.

With the above grades the Starfleet Equivalent would be the military officer ranks of Crewman 3rd Class, Crewman 2nd Class on up to Admiral, however that should only be used to show where the civilian ranks fall in. Since technically civilians don't fall into a ships COC the civilian ranks should only hold up to Department Heads and should enlist for a commission to hold 2nd Officer and above. When giving a commission to a Civilian Corps member it is suggested time aboard ship be figured in and that they not be commissioned past their earned Civilian Corps rank to start, i.e. C8 would, if the CO feel that person has earned the rank, be enlisted as a Lieutenant(j.g.), but should not be made a full Lieutenant.

Finally, it should be noted that since the Civilian Corps are contracting civilians to do work on a ship or installation, anyone holding a Civilian Corps grade should hold a position in one of the departments on board the ship or installation, other then just a regular civilian, in order to hold a grade.


Because Civilian Corps employees already hold degrees as well as having work experience their training is slightly different from Starfleet officers. They do not receive occupational training but rather training in how to basically operate all ship systems and basic fire arms. They also are trained in military etiquette to better work along side their Starfleet counterparts. This training takes approximately 15 weeks and also includes PT for the full training duration.

Civilian Corps Grade Chart and Starfleet Equivalency

Group Civilian Corps Grade Starfleet Rank Equivalent
Flag Grade Officer C-16 through C-19 Commodore through Admiral
Command Grade Officer C-15
Captain/Colonel and Master Chief Warrant Officer
Commander/Lieutenant Colonel and Senior Chief Warrant Officer
Lieutenant Commander/Major and Chief Warrant Officer
Junior Grade Officer C-10/C-11
Lieutenant/Marine Captain and Master Warrant Officer
Lieutenant (j.g.)/1st Lieutenant and Staff Warrant Officer
Ensign/2nd Lieutenant and Warrant Officer
Non-commissioned Officer/Staff Non-commissioned Officer C-6
Chief Petty Officer/Gunnery Sergeant through Master Chief Petty Officer/Sergeant Major
Petty Officer 2nd Class/Sergeant through Petty Officer 1st Class/Staff Sergeant
Enlisted C-4
C-1 through C-3
Petty Officer 3rd Class/Corporal
Crewman 3rd Class/Private through Crewman 1st Class/Lance Corporal