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An advanced and very pacifistic culture noted for their artistic achievements. Deltans resemble Humans in all outward respects except for the absence of facial and body hair. Like Orion females, all Deltans possess an unusual biochemical makeup that generates massive amounts of pheromones, which sexually stimulate members of the opposite sex.

Current Deltan population is six billion.

Deltans are a humanoid species native to the planet Delta IV. All Deltans have a totally bald head, but do have eyebrows. Deltans are also highly developed sexually, so much so that it is said that a normal Terran would be unable to survive a sexual experience with a Deltan.

All Deltans wishing to join the Federation on mixed crew ships must take an Oath of Celibacy. This is meant to prevent any unfortunate incidents while on board any Starship.

As well as being highly developed sexually, they are also highly developed socially. Deltans tend to be open and gregarious by nature, and tend to be Sensualists. This can also account for their proclivity towards consensus and cooperation and being team players. They make excellent teachers, athletes, scientists, engineers, Counselors, Helm/Navigation officers, and system specialists. Due to their overall good nature, they will wish to avoid conflicts unless they see them in a constructive sense.

Deltans can and will defend themselves excellently with either bare hands or weapons. They enjoy most sporting forms of combat, but do not make good Security officers.

Deltans generally live in group/line families and are intimately attuned to each other and the psychological whole. This leads to having an empathic dependency, so that Deltans serving on a mixed crew ship always want at least one other Deltan on board. If this number is larger, they prefer to be quartered together, commonly in modified quarters either connected or communal in nature. Deltans also have a pheromone control system in their bodies which allows them to produce pheromonal chemicals naturally. It is assumed that this system is used during normal courtship rituals between Deltans, but they can also control other pheromones besides the erotic-enhancing ones.

Among the pheromonal abilities of a trained Deltan is the ability to produce a pheromonal chemical which seems to reduce pain in most humanoid races. Deltans generally produce the pheromone associated with sexual arousal on a day-to-day basis. They are usually considered very attractive physically as well. This makes for bad psychological effects on members of a mixed crew ship.

Generally, Deltans do not serve on mixed crew vessels in Starfleet. Those that do take the Oath of Celibacy so as to not take advantage of any sexually immature species. Their Oath of Celibacy only applies to species considered by them to be sexually immature (which currently includes Terrans). Deltans serving with mixed race crews often chemically alter their pheromones with a special chemical application.