Department of Logistics & Personnel

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Department of Logistics & Personnel
General Information
Agency's Role: Logistics
Agency Information
Agency Abbreviation: DLP
Agency Headquarter Location: Starfleet Headquarters, San Francisco
Agency Head's Name: "Vacant"
Agency Head Title: Director of Starfleet Logistics & Personnel
Parent Agencies: Starfleet
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The Department of Logistics and Personnel is a quasi-independent organisation, responsible for the management of Starfleet's vast resources and personnel.

Given the size of the department, the head of this division wields considerable power, and has been known to bring Admiral's to their knees for their needs.

The Director, often referred to as the "Detailer", by naval tradition, is the man ultimately responsible for the assignment of officers to new positions. As such, the Director is in near daily contact with the Commander-in-Chief, as well as the Chief of Staff. All appointments go through his office for approval, and in some cases, can be delayed for reasons of their own making.

On the logistics side, all resources, from ration packs to hull plating, is monitored and controlled by this vast bureaucracy.