Diplomatic Corps

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The Diplomatic Corps is tasked with supporting the various relationships that exist between the member planets of the Federation, as well as representing the Federation as a whole with external species and cultures.

Whilst the diplomatic policy of the Federation is determined by the President, Federation Council and the Supreme Assembly, it is the Diplomatic Corps' responsibility to manage the programs and liaise with the operational arms of Starfleet to implement said programs and initiatives.

Additionally, the Diplomatic Corps provides logistical support to the Federation Council and Supreme Assembly by providing negotiators and experts in interstellar relations to assist with developing policy. In this regard, it works closely with Starfleet Intelligence.

The Corps provides support for the Federation President, arranging and managing Presidential travel within and outside the Federation. It coordinates logistics for the trip with the President's office, as well as the host planet and Starfleet Security. It provides the same support to foreign diplomatic visits to the Federation.

The current Director of the Diplomatic Corps is Vice Admiral Jack Drayson. The Director reports to the Starfleet Chief of Staff.