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Engineers keep Starfleet equipment running at peak efficiency. Although engineers specialize in a particular type of engineering, chief engineers are expected to be proficient in a variety of specializations.

Engineering Positions

Chief Engineering Officer: The Chief Engineer is responsible for the condition of all systems and equipment on board a Starfleet ship or facility. S/he oversees maintenance, repairs and upgrades of all equipment. S/he is also responsible for the many repair teams during crisis situations. The Chief Engineer is not only the department head but also a senior officer, responsible for all the crew members in her/his department and maintenance of the duty rosters.

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer: The Assistant Chief Engineer assists the Chief Engineer in the daily work; in issues regarding mechanical, administrative matters and coordinating repairs with other departments. If so required, the Assistant Chief Engineer must be able to take over as Chief Engineer, and thus must be versed in current information regarding the ship or facility.

Engineering Officer: Engineers are the backbone of the Engineering Corps and are responsible for, under the guidance of the Chief Engineer, maintaining and repairing the vessel.

Engineering Specialties:

  • Materials Engineering: Materials engineering primarily involves the manipulation and alteration of physical and material objects and components.EX: Structural/space frame engineer; aeronautical/aerodynamic; civil; mechanical; metallurgical; personal equipment; vehicular

  • Propulsion Engineering: propulsion engineering covers the design, modification, construction, and repair of propulsion systems, including both action/reaction drives, impulse and other sub-light drives and antimatter warp engines. EX: Warp drive engineer; fusion; impulse; ion; rocketry; shuttlecraft propulsion
  • Systems Engineering: systems engineering covers the numerous computer/electronic and related systems that mark the cutting edge of the 25th century. Many of these systems operate at the meeting point of matter, energy, and information. EX: computer systems; transporter/replication systems; cloaking device; communication systems; diagnostics; environmental; sensors; weapons


Examples of engineering reports and logging ideas.


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