Eyes of the Past: Part I

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Planetery Commission, Trill, SD 236306.12

Hyane Illarix Neyes sleekly strutted through the halls of the planetary commission. Her long black hair pulled back into a styled ponytail and her dark blue commissioners uniform gave her a shock appeal that usually stunned most of her opposition in this profession. Her last encounter with the Center for Atmospheric Regulation (CAR) had proved to be shortlived when the President of CAR kept trying to get a peep into her skirt during their meeting. She immediately cut plans with the man and assigned another case worker to see his financial request. In short, she was dead sexy.

This had absolutely no bearing on her work standards however. She was strong, intelligent, cutthroat and most of all proud. Proud that she had become the commissioner with the highest regard on Trill. Proud to be in a healthy and loving relationship with a wonderful man. Most of all she was proud to have been a joined Trill, the 9th of the Neyes line, for the last 23 years.

As she walked into the meeting hall, she always took a moment to appreciate the wonder of its design. It's massive, three story beams reaching into the ceiling at a beautiful arch like alternating arms holding the roof above their heads. The highest point in the hall was above the entry way, where the wall slowly arched forward to meet it. The ceiling gradually cascaded down to the floor near the back of the hall, where she would be sitting amongst 15 other commissioners and delegates for the planetary commission. The rest of the hall was widely circular with 78 stations for all the seated members of the commission.

Walking down the center of it had sometimes left her shaken and intimidated in her early years.

She cleared her throat and put forth her most strong tone as she took her place at the center of the addressing bench, "All here?". The query ellicited a immediate and concise reponse on her desk panel. Green lights indicated all seats in the hall were full and occupied. Since all the members of the commission had a place and an elected position, any absenses needed to be addressed prior to beginning.

"Very well." Bringing up a list of the daily issues, she sighed. It had come to a point in her career where dealing with the mundane issues of the Trillian society were commonplace. The droning complaints of delegates from distant sectors of the world economy ran rampant on the planetary commission's plate.

Today however, she had a different tone in mind for the meeting. "I'm in no mood to humiliate this delegation with some of these issues. I'll be bringing forth the tickets I deem important today, and then sending the rest to the secondary commity."

As she had expected the entire room began to buzz with soft murmurs and whispers, errupting in dissapproval. Rolling her eyes she calmly tapped her silencing command and a shrill sound ripped through the hall, effectively quieting everyone. It was really quite effective, and she secretly enjoyed using it. With a amused smirk on her face, she tapped her panel and brought up the issue she'd chosen to begin first. It happened to be the issue of the Space-Project's budget.

In a moment of reflection, she remembered being fascinated with her starcharts as a child and spending hours under the lens of a telescope, peering into the cosmos. It was one of the fondest memories of her youth. . .

Intrepid, Current SD

Landon allowed himself to fade, for a mere second, into memory. His eyes clenched and his mind reached back. Even five hosts removed from her, she was like a stable hand on his back. Hyane's life had been a pillar of strength for him. All 130 years of it. As he controlled the helm and listening to the shattered bridge's cluttered hustle, he reached for her support.


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