Eyes of the Past: Part II

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Eyes of the Past: Part II

Trill Homeworld, SD 193707.30

The doors of the storage shed flung open, cracking against the wooden planks of its walls. Amongst the hustle and chaos of nearly 30 of her finest stock plowing their way out of the protecting shelter and out into the field, a set of finely crafted boots stood firmly nearby. Jazni smiled a little as she watched them all run into the field and scatter to find their own personal patch of land to graze on. She admired their simple determination to go out and just do what they needed; get what they wanted. It was a trait she had seen in many of her friends, and one she wished others might also see in her.

The inference to her and her friends being somehow intellectually parallel to farm animals wasn't lost on her, and she chuckled to herself for a moment before coming off against the wall where she had been leaning. With a swift and practiced motion she closed the gates, latched the lock and turned to once again gaze out at the amazing landscape she was blessed with.

A range of mountains rolled into a few smalled hills that circled her home and the view was spectacularly surreal at almost any point of the day. The sunlight seemed to amplify the magestic towering of the rocky landscapes as they stretched ever so higher into the sky. Jazni felt like she could almost reach up and white a little snow from the epic peak.

"Neyes. Jazni Neyes!" A young man's voice called from a distance.

Jazni turned to look, and immediately pulled her long brown hair into a bun. It had gotten a little dirty since she'd been working in the garden earlier in the day. Of course, she was a little bit dusty just about all year.

"Rexyn! I wasn't expecting to see you back until late. How'd it go?!" She wiped her hands against her pants and waited for him to come over.

Rexyn Dorada, her husband, came running up from the house across the field. When he finally got to her he was flushed and tired. It was all uphill from that direction. Jazni did everything she could to keep from laughing at him, he was so adorable. With his trousers all dishoveled and his shirt untucked, he finally reached the summit of the hill where she stood by the stockshed.

"...my...", he weazed, "...my dear." With an exhausted flourish, he presented a flower in his left hand, with a half smile between his struggled breath.

Her expression sunk. The flower meant he was trying to lighten both their moods. "Oh, Rex." She knelt down with him as he sat down on the grass. "You didn't get it."

He looked up at her and smiled half-heartedly. "It's alright, Urxon was picked instead. The council decided he'd be better suited for the job. If I wanted anyone to get it over me, it'd be him."

Jazni knew him well enough as his wife to know he was being modest. Disappointment couldn't have been more obvious to her if he'd had it written across his forehead. They'd been counting on that position so they could sell their remaining land and move into the city, but it looked like they'd be herding livestock for another cycle.

With a comforting snuggle, she took her husband's arm and rested her head against his shoulder. "I love you."

"I love you." He replied.

They both sat there on that hill for what seemed like hours. Just holding one another and loving their time.

Shuttle Kuros, Present

Landon groaned as he awoke with a cold sweat. After choosing to sleep in the shuttle for the duration of their stay at the station, he'd finally gotten some time to himself away from the other crew. The dream though. Jazni? He rarely thought of memories that old, and they rarely humored his interest when he did try to remember that long ago. Centuries had passed since then, but he still felt the bitter cling of disappointment at having Rex not succeed.

He sighed.

The flush of his feelings was irritating and the past week had been nothing but one trouble after another. The last thing he needed was some memory creeping back from the depths and bringing him down. Fortunately, he'd been able to repair the shuttle replicator earlier before bed, and called the computer to make him some tea.

"No, belay that." He suddenly commanded as he tried to dry himself off with a towel.

"Trillian Pellu Brandy."

The computer complied and a blueish liquid appeared in a bauble-like glass. Apparently Jazni was having a bad night, and this was her favorite. With a quick inhale Neyes closed his eyes and downed the drink in one gulp.

Landon's eyes shot open and he practically hissed as it burned on the way down. He coughed and tried to subdue his gag reflex. Now he remembered why she was so happy all the time, laughing as he thought to himself.


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