Eyes of the Past: Part III

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Trillian Symbiosis Commission, on planet Trill

The lights blazed down so brightly, he couldn't look anywhere but at his sides. The gown and surgical blanket draped over his body were slick and felt like some kind of plastic. Colors were blending together as the doctors began their operation. He remembered being cold, and so nervous the thought of moving frightened him. The surgical bed was hard and the only comfort it offered was its headrest. He could hear someone, doctors, talking off on the other side of the room. They were obviously preparing the other host for the transplant.

Landon turned his head slightly to the side to get a better look at the man lying next to him. Taylor was his name. All Landon knew was Taylor's symbiont, Neyes, was in danger because of an accident that Taylor hadn't woken up from, so it needed to move. Landon saw the other man's short blondish hair and pale skin. Too pale, and purple around the eyes, like he'd been in a fight. A fight he'd lost.

The next few moment were a blur as the operation began and the surgeons put Landon under.

Names, dates, faces, places, feelings, ships, fights, helm controls, books, classes, loves, scriptures, tastes, ancient buildings, they flashed in an instant through Landon's head. 700 years of history through ten other people's eyes ran through his mind in such a way he forgot where he was. It was like filling up an empty glass. He suddenly felt immensely full and with purpose, something almost lost to him before now. All the feelings and emotions crashed into him like a wave, and he stood strong and took them in, remembering they were just memories. Someone else's memories, but now his own as well.

He remembered Landon like he was someone else entirely. Landon Irelle was someone added to the single person that made up Landon Neyes.

However he had to fight hard to suppress the feelings that welled up almost immediately. He also remembered in great detail, what Taylor had been through just a day before. . .


"Protect our flank!" An explosion ripped across the rocks near Taylor's head as he spoke. He cringed and wiped some blood from his brow. "We have to maintain this position or the enemy will push us too back to maintain a stable defense!" Several other marines near him nodded and resumed firing into the mist. Taylor needed to check on the repair team taking care of the damage to his troops transport. He hurried along through the trees, keeping his phaser rifle aimed and ready. Every crack of a twig or rustle of the canopy made the hairs on his neck strike out like knives. In the distance he could hear weapons fire and trees falling in the battle, a scream every now and then. The attack had come from nowhere. They were on mission when someone fired tricobalt devices in their path. Really, they were lucky they weren't incinerated immediately. The concussive explosion tore through their engines like butter and sent them careening to crash on the surface of this marshy planet. Taylor didn't know how long repairs would take, but he was banking on just long enough for them to evacuate back into space before more of these attackers came to help their angry friends. He wasn't in charge, not really. Their commanding officer was injured and unconscious on the transport. He was just the runner, keeping information going. Communications didn't seem to work here, so it was necessary to have someone keeping everyone up to date, and Taylor volunteered. He didn't mind, he liked a good fight.

A snap made Taylor whip around and catch an enemy soldier coming in behind him. As quickly as he saw him, the soldier rolled and shot three charges into the trees as Taylor threw himself to the ground, then opened fire and caught the bastard right in the gut. Taylor sighed as he held still for a few more moments. But it didn't help him. He distinctly saw 5 more coming right for him, at a jogging pace. Taylor could either bolt the 400 yards to the ship or stay put and hope against reason they wouldn't see him. Neither choice really appealed to him, and he cursed the federation for being so kind and generous, placing him in this damned situation. So he decided to hop to his feet and run, at full speed.

Blue blurry flashed shot past him in the forest. They ripped open the sides of trees and made chips of wood explode into his path. Catching a foot by a tree he spun around and layed down several shots and a wide beam phaser blast into the woods behind him. Taylor heard several yells and screams coming from where he had just fired. Satisfied he'd gotten some of them he turned sharply to continue running.

A second later a surge of cold froze his entire body. He tensed up in every muscle he had. Staring him in the face was a grotesque creature, and it smelled like something burnt and rotten. Also, in his hand was a knife that he'd plunged into Taylor's chest.

The world began to blur. Then he started to fall back, his legs giving out from under him. Taylor screamed in his head to get up and run, but he felt so cold and so tired. The blur suddenly shimmered to a blue haze that skittered all over. A transporter.

And then the world fell out.


Landon awoke screaming in a cold sweat. The hospital room he was in was dark and empty, except for a container with his clothes and some PADDs. He felt his chest for a wound, clutching it as if to pull out the knife. There was only his surgical gown. The memory was as real as yesterday.

Landon knew the first few days would be confusing and sometimes harsh. Wiping the sweat from his forhead, he laid back down and closed his eyes.

He could almost still hear Taylor screaming to stand back up.


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