Eyes of the Past: Part IV

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Carida Colony, SD 241001.02

The sounds of slight disorder and chaos surrounded Landon and his crewmates as they walked through the streets of the Colony. With the frantic disarray came the dropping of clothes and personal items, making the streets look altogether different than would otherwise be allowed. The whole spectacle seemed all a little too familiar for Landon.

A memory of another time flashed through his mind...

Trillian Colony on Deradan VII, SD 220505.07

Grecan Neyes plowed through a mob of people in the town square. His breath hot in his throat, he fought the panic rising in his mind. The front of dark blue tunic shirt felt wet as it clung to his skin, soaked in sweat. His footfalls on the granite walkways of the city commons clapped as his boots carried him at a dead run. Everything around him shook. The stone walls, the people looking at him with disbelief as he ran past them, they all seemed to disconnect and blur, his focus was on his target. He needed to get back to the safe house before nightfall. Dangerous things could happen to someone like him in the darkness of the streets. People were always there looking for some new prey to handle. The suns were already beginning to set over the horizon, and the first was nearly a golden sliver shining over the horizon. Grecan figured maybe 5 minutes before the sky began to darken, and the overhead lights would begin to illuminate the streets of the city.

Flourynas was a grand city built by a number of races, including the Trill, in order to collaborate on a political level. In the beginning, Grecan remembered everything being as it was back on the Trill home world, only with a grander and more varied assortment of species to interact with. Gradually, like all things, he noticed little changes in the society. People took to him differently, as they did others in his neighborhood. His parents had tried to move them out, but they were unable to obtain the necessary permits to move into other regions on the city, and they simply couldn't afford to move out into the countryside on Deradan. Only the wealthiest lived in anything larger than 800 sq meters. After he had finished school, he had been accepting as a symbiont host and spent some time on Trill before moving back in to help care for his parents.

As the changes took shape Grecan found himself in a community exiled into a slum. Grecan watched as his home melted into the dirty streets and homeless forum he'd always tried to avoid as a child. His friends would disappear or move away, and soon people would look at him as if he'd been a criminal all his life at simply discovering his home neighborhood. Crime took its toll and soon he was forced to work 2 jobs and fell into work with a local gang. It was a nightmare all it's own, and Grecan had always been more intelligent than allowing himself the shame of a life of crime. Luckily, the city elders had seen the wisdom in having a blanketing dampening field placed over the city, nothing as directed as an energy or projectile weapon working within the confines of the city. He had always wanted to work on making the city more like the image the founding elders had foreseen Flourynas to be. The longing sting of loyalty to his parents was all that kept him from moving to the home world to learn more about his ancestry. The only reason he put Neyes symbiont in danger. Society seemed to have other ideas for him.

Suddenly a slight gasp overtook him as he felt a forceful push on his chest. Within a second he was staring up at the stars from between the tall buildings nearby. His chest reeled at the pain and he inhaled sharply to reclaim air into his empty lungs. His head spun for a moment before he realized he'd been a victim of an uppercut.

"Oh, you be in such a hurry to get to Corduc? Good Trilly." A beastly man leaned over Grecan and smiled a sharp toothed grin. Grecan's faced paled as he steeled himself against whatever awful things he was sure were about to unfold. Corduc was a major player in one of his rival gangs. His lackeys chuckled as they formed a half-circle around Grecan.

"You bring good stuff to Corduc? Or die?" Corduc was also a Naussican.

Without a word, Grecan swung his legs around and toppled all but two of the six men and was on his feet in the time it took most people to draw a single breath. They clamored and grunted, with angry sounds gurgling from their disgusting throats. Grecan was hardly a man of violence, but the muscles on his arms and chest usually told most rival gang members getting into a scrape with him was less than ideal odds. Even four to one with similar men, Grecan was unmatched. This time however, he was relatively small compared to his Naussican friends, and they severely outnumbered him. With a calm face, he felt a bead of sweat roll itself slowly down the side of his face.

The Naussican horde sprawled back into a standing position opposite Grecan and snarled as they drew their weapons. Naturally, as violent species, they favored large and intimidating objects of massive pain. Such as 70 lb sludge mallets and bladed maces. Their weapons drawn, they looked down the significant distance at Grecan and Corduc, as big as he was, smiled a big and otherworldly grin that spread across his vile face. Grecan just stood, motionless, with a stern and unwavering look on his face.

"Why you not speak, little Trill?"

Silence. Grecan eyes stared coldly into Carduc's. A threat.

Corduc's smile vanished before a roar that nearly shook down the walls of the stone buildings nearby echoed from his terrifying maw. The five other men charged at him.

With a breath, Grecan slipped the two small daggers from his belt. They rung in the air, their polished reinforced tritanium blades reflected almost all light. His gang mates always enjoyed the flicks and flashes of light that danced off them as he sparred. In this case, they would distract his enemies more than please.

Barely uttering more than the sounds of his heavy breathing, he spun around on his heels, dropping to one knee and letting the daggers fly as he came back around to face the Naussicans. Both daggers whistled through the air and buried themselves in the chests of the two largest of the men with a sickening crack. They screamed and began to fall backward, just as Grecan came back to his feet and rolled between the other four. Maces crashed against the granite walkway in pursuit of him, trying to crush him in his maneuver. All four missed, being too clumsy to catch up.

Grecan rose to his feet between the two dead Naussicans and removed the two daggers from their bleeding chests. He didn't bother to wipe them off before continuing to fight the others. The giant creatures roared and bared their teeth at him as they continued to swipe at him and try to pin him to the ground. Their efforts would be entirely futile, they would find, as Grecan sidestepped and dodged all their attacks with an ease that proved to infuriate them even more. Every attack Grecan simply spun and deflected with his small blades or avoided them altogether.

With a grace completely unexpected of someone used to fighting on the streets, the Trill turned at a short distance from one the Naussicans. He held the blades in both hands and dove into a back hand-spring, landing his legs over the chest and shoulders of a Naussican. In a fluid motion, Grecan pushed himself up to square himself on the giant's shoulders and then pulled himself upright into a sitting position over the man's face. The Naussican hollered in surprise and anger as Grecan sat atop of him, in a reverse piggy-back, and swiftly drove his daggers into the monster's back. It screamed, and just as quickly as before, Grecan leaned forward and flipped off the Naussican's shoudlers as it fell backward onto the ground.

He spun toward Carduc and the other Naussican and let another dagger fly. It landed in the forehead of the last lackey, taking him to the ground instantly. The body fell from where it stood, right next to Carduc.

A weak chuckle crept from Carduc as he realized just how dangerous the tiny man really was. "You let me go. Or we take your camp tomorrow morning. All die."

For the first time all day, Grecan cracked a thin smile. "You couldn't hope to even dent our safe house. Do you see what you've done here, asshole? You got your men killed by the tiny Trill man. What a weak warrior you'd have to be, huh? Letting them die so quickly." He let the insult marinate for a moment before adding a little salt to the wound, speaking slowly, "... so quickly."

Corduc suddenly got a terrified look on his face, if you could call it a face, and turned heel to run off without so much as a word more to Grecan. He stood there in slight confusion as he watched the Naussican flee in complete fear. Even this spectacle of death wasn't usually enough to drive the fight from a Naussican male. Especially one as violent as Carduc. Even though the thought occurred to him to chase after the beast, Grecan decided against it.

A crash sounded behind him, the sound of objects being tossed around on the street. Seven men in dark green uniforms walked intently in Grecan's general direction from down the street corridor. Ageians. Their massive frames were lined with a sort of chittin-like armor that protruded from their shoulders, among other places, in large spikes. They wore dark hoods with masks so no one could see their faces, and to inspire fear in their enemies. The slightest mention of the Ageians was feared to bring them to your home in the night. They were completely untouchable in the gang world.

The seven men strode up to the massacre of the Naussican gang members. They walked idly among the corpses, speaking quietly to each other in a strange language of clicks and hums. They found no one alive, and didn't seem too interested in the dead bodies. Several of them turned to the largest among the group and whistled an odd sound which brough a chill to Grecan's spine. He was hiding in the alove on the stone building about a block down from where he'd been fighting. He heard a sound from less than a foot behind him. Despite himself, he yelped in panic and drew his blades.

A cat nuzzled up against his leg.

Relief washed over Grecan. It was shortlived however, as the Ageians suddenly came to life at the sounds of his surprise by the cat. The Ageians screamed and somehow, as if by magic, turned the corner seconds later. Their horrifying blades drawn and ready to cut down any intrusion into their territory.

An empty sidewalk was all they found, with a little cat purring as it strode away.


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