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The '''Federation Cabinet''' is a special executive committee to the [[Federation President|President]] of the [[United Federation of Planets]].
#REDIRECT [[Cabinet of the United Federation of Planets]]
The '''Federation Cabinet''' is a special committee established by law and consisting of the heads of the executive departments of the Federation Government and certain "cabinet-level" officers.
== Executive Departments ==
The executive departments of the Federation government are the major administrative divisions that manage government affairs. Department heads are senior Federation officers. The [[Federation President]] appoints these officers with the advice and consent of the [[Federation Council]]. These department heads serve at the pleasure of the Federation President and are typically replaced whenever a new President is elected. Besides the President, the department heads also give regular reports to their corresponding sub-council.
The heads of the executive departments in order of precedence:
{| align=left cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="font-size: 100%;"
|width="200" |'''Department Head'''
|width="200" |'''Executive Department'''
|width="200" |'''Oversight Sub-Council'''
|width="400" |'''Department Purview'''
|width="200" |[[Secretary of the Exterior]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of the Exterior]]
|width="200" |[[Federation External Affairs Council]]
|width="400" |Diplomatic relationships with foreign states
|width="200" |[[Secretary of the Treasury]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of the Treasury]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Finance Council]]
|width="400" |Budgets, financial and monetary policy and regulation
|width="200" |[[Attorney General]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of Justice]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Judicial Council]]
|width="400" |Law enforcement, legal representation of the government
|width="200" |[[Secretary of the Interior]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of the Interior]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Internal Affairs Council]]
|width="400" |Colony, protectorate, and territory administration, transportation, energy, etc.
|width="200" |[[Secretary of Commerce]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of Commerce]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Commerce Council]]
|width="400" |Trade between member states, business
|width="200" |[[Secretary of Science]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of Science]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Science Council]]
|width="400" |Scientific development, technology, research
|width="200" |[[Surgeon General]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of Health]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Science Council]]
|width="400" |Health, medicine, medical research and advancement
|width="200" |[[Director of Temporal Investigations]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Department of Temporal Investigations]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Science Council]]
|width="400" |Temporal investigations and corrections
== Cabinet-Level Offices ==
Certain Federation government officials who are not heads of executive departments are Cabinet-Level Officers because their agencies are key to Federation governance.
{| align=left cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="font-size: 100%;"
|width="200" |'''Cabinet-Level Officer'''
|width="200" |'''Government Agency'''
|width="200" |'''Oversight Sub-Council'''
|width="400" |'''Agency Purview'''
|width="200" |[[Chief of Staff, Starfleet]]
|width="200" |[[Starfleet]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Security Council]]
|width="400" |Federation defense, exploration
|width="200" |[[Federation Trade Commissioner]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Trade Commission]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Trade Council]]
|width="400" |Trade with foreign states
|width="200" |[[Federation Membership Commissioner]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Membership Commission]]
|width="200" |[[Federation External Affairs Council]]
|width="400" |Applications for Federation membership
|width="200" |[[Chairman of the Bank of the Federation]]
|width="200" |[[Bank of the Federation]]
|width="200" |[[Federation Finance Council]]
|width="400" |Monetary policy
|width="200" |[[Presidential Chief of Staff]]
|width="200" |Office of the President
|width="200" |Not Applicable
|width="400" |Management of the President's staff
Each of these positions, except Presidential Chief of Staff, is appointed by the [[Federation President]] with the advice and consent of the [[Federation Council]]. The Presidential Chief of Staff is appointed by the Federation President.
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