Federation Cabinet

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The Federation Cabinet is a special executive committee to the President of the United Federation of Planets.

The Federation Cabinet is a special committee established by law and consisting of the heads of the executive departments of the Federation Government and certain "cabinet-level" officers.

Executive Departments

The executive departments of the Federation government are the major administrative divisions that manage government affairs. Department heads are senior Federation officers. The Federation President appoints these officers with the advice and consent of the Federation Council. These department heads serve at the pleasure of the Federation President and are typically replaced whenever a new President is elected. Besides the President, the department heads also give regular reports to their corresponding sub-council.

The heads of the executive departments in order of precedence:

Department Head Executive Department Oversight Sub-Council Department Purview
Secretary of the Exterior Federation Department of the Exterior Federation External Affairs Council Diplomatic relationships with foreign states
Secretary of the Treasury Federation Department of the Treasury Federation Finance Council Budgets, financial and monetary policy and regulation
Attorney General Federation Department of Justice Federation Judicial Council Law enforcement, legal representation of the government
Secretary of the Interior Federation Department of the Interior Federation Internal Affairs Council Colony, protectorate, and territory administration, transportation, energy, etc.
Secretary of Commerce Federation Department of Commerce Federation Commerce Council Trade between member states, business
Secretary of Science Federation Department of Science Federation Science Council Scientific development, technology, research
Surgeon General Federation Department of Health Federation Science Council Health, medicine, medical research and advancement
Director of Temporal Investigations Federation Department of Temporal Investigations Federation Science Council Temporal investigations and corrections

Cabinet-Level Offices

Certain Federation government officials who are not heads of executive departments are Cabinet-Level Officers because their agencies are key to Federation governance.

Cabinet-Level Officer Government Agency Oversight Sub-Council Agency Purview
Chief of Staff, Starfleet Starfleet Federation Security Council Federation defense, exploration
Federation Trade Commissioner Federation Trade Commission Federation Trade Council Trade with foreign states
Federation Membership Commissioner Federation Membership Commission Federation External Affairs Council Applications for Federation membership
Chairman of the Bank of the Federation Bank of the Federation Federation Finance Council Monetary policy
Presidential Chief of Staff Office of the President Not Applicable Management of the President's staff

Each of these positions, except Presidential Chief of Staff, is appointed by the Federation President with the advice and consent of the Federation Council. The Presidential Chief of Staff is appointed by the Federation President.