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The following is a list of official Fighter Design templates that have been developed and approved in conjunction with Starfleet R&D

Fighter Classifications

During the design process, starships are developed with a particular focus of foci in mind in terms of the role it will be expected to serve. Different cultures have nearly uniform traits built into all of their designs, such as Federation ships being multi-purpose, or Klingon ships having weapons, or Romulan ships having stealth technology, but ultimately each ship class it designed to excel at a particular function or functions above the others it might be capable of.

Scout: Scout craft are fast, agile and packed full of observational equipment so that they can get a clear view of everything going on around them. These typically small craft are generally stealthier than their other fighter counterparts, but are not nearly as well armed. The scout is designed to do just that – scout. It performs this in a variety of ways, from forward observation for large fleet movements, to reconnaissance missions within unknown or enemy territory. These ships aren’t meant to stick around when a fight breaks out; their engines are fast enough to outrun their pursuers, and her shields are strong enough to keep her precious sensor data intact.

Interceptor: Commonly found in the hangar or airbase facilities of starbases and colonies, Interceptors are intended to intercept and engage inbound threat forces while well outside of a zone of threat against the starbase or colony that they are assigned to protect. These craft have better range and speed than other fighters (except for Scouts) and are well armed and shielded to engage the enemy. Interceptors are typically better armed to engage targets at long range with micro-torpedoes or other air-to-air weaponry. A primary role of the Interceptor is to engage any and all inbound bombers before they can reach optimal range, and destroy them.

Space Superiority Fighter: The true dogfighters, Space Superiority Fighters are not as fast as the Interceptor, but just as well armed and shielded, with incredible maneuverability. These ships are the anti-fighter fighters, meant to engage and destroy enemy fighters and bombers. Their drawback is a lack of extended range the Interceptor can offer, but during close-in fighting their pulse phasers and short-range air-to-air weaponry make them a very formidable craft in the right hands. This makes the Space Superiority fighter ideal for small-target attacks, escort duty, or patrol. Their versatility also allows them to double as Strike Bombers with the right modifications, and has earned them the name of Multi-Role craft.

Heavy Assault Fighter: Another class of very versatile fighter craft, the Heavy Assault Fighter is more of a true blending between the Space Superiority Fighter and the Strike Bomber. They are strong enough to be used in engaging small capital ships as well as going toe-to-toe with other fighter craft. Heavier weapons and shields make it slightly slower and less maneuverable than a Space Superiority fighter, but against capital ships they are able to last longer and deliver a bigger punch.

Atmospheric Fighters: Though Starfleet and the Federation have a distinct Aerospace presence and easily recognizable fleets of fighter craft, the member worlds of the Federation each have their own defense designs when it comes to protecting their worlds and installations. Most member worlds employ Atmospheric fighters, which may not have the power of their interstellar counterparts but make up for it in the aerodynamics used in their design. This increases their maneuverability in atmosphere, as Starfighters do not normally have to take into account atmosphere for their flight dynamics. All Starfighters are atmospheric capable, but the handling of each class of fighter may become completely different in atmosphere than in space.

Strike Bomber: Strike Bombers are designed much like a surgical instrument; mission profiles depend upon weapons loadout and the fighter class’ abilities. These types of craft are used to engage enemy starships, but are not powerful enough to destroy them; instead, they carry weaponry able to penetrate and/or disable key systems of an enemy starship. Their reasonable top speed and good maneuverability keep them from requiring fighter escort during combat.

Heavy Bomber: Heavy Bombers are more of what the traditional bomber is all about. Large, heavily armored, loaded down with heavy weapons but slow and sluggish. Heavy bombers are intended for assault on capital ships, intent on getting close in and unloading salvo after salvo of torpedoes and other heavy weaponry. Self-defense weaponry of these bombers is rare if any, but they are better protected with heavy shields and hull armor. Heavy Bombers are most often accompanied by fighter escorts to engage and ward off any Interceptors that may be dispatched.

Assault Bomber: Behemoth is the first word that may come to mind when considering this type of bomber. These bombers are massive compared to the Heavy Bomber and Strike Bomber, with near double the payload and twice the strength in shields and hull armor. Their purpose is the assault of starbases, planets, shipyard facilities, and also the largest of capital ships. Despite their heavy defenses, which can include automated phaser turrets, fighters always escort Assault Bombers

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