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Expeditionary Warfare


i Ariennye u akhae'
(To Hell and Back)

OOC Command Staff
Command Staff

Galae`EnriovGalae`Enriov Maiek S'T'Hrienteh

Commanding Officer:

Dais`EnarrainDais`Enarrain us'D'Nal tr'Letant

Executive Officer:


Directors & Liaison

The Gai'Shian is a branch of the Imperial Guard that is responsible for land-based military operations, as well as the protection of Galae vessels and installations from attack.


The most senior Gai'Shian officer is the Khoilmnriir, responsible to the Minister of Dense for organizing, recruiting, training, and equipping the Gai'Shian so that its forces are ready for deployment under the operational command.


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Gai'Shian Roster

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Gai'Shian can be deployed in three different ways: as a detachment aboard a starship, as a fast-attack ground attack deployment force from a sector base, or as logistical support for both Gai'Shian and other departments of Galae s'Shiar.

Organizationally, the Gai'Shian is divided into groups, each having a different level of organization. This would be optimal for a battlefield deployment structure, but is not necessary for Gai'Shian assigned in other departments; the organization is as follows:

  • A squad consists of four Gai'Shian infantry - the team leader/rifleman, a rifleman, a grenadier and a heavy gunner. The team leader is either a Dais`Gehka (Lance Corporal) or Ullhan (Sergeant).
  • A platoon is comprised of five squads, Platoon Sergeant (usually a Ullhan or Dais`Ullhan) and a junior officer (erei'Arrain or Dais`erie`Arrain). The Platoon Sergeant advises the CO, as the junior officer is generally fresh out of the Academy with no experience.
  • A company is comprised of four platoons, a clerk, a police sergeant who normally holds the rank of erie`Ullhan, a training NCO, the company, Executive Officer and Commanding Officer, usually led by a Arrain or Dais`Arrain.
  • A regiment is comprised of between three to ten companies. It is led by a Commanding Officer, whom holds the rank of Enarrain and Executive Officer who is ranked at Dais`Arrain.
  • A battalion is comprised of between three to ten companies. It is led by a Commanding Officer, whom holds the rank of Dais`Enarrain and Executive Officer who is ranked at Dais`Arrain. A Battalion only differs from a regiment in that it is made up of different types of companies, where a Regiment is a grouping of only 1 type of unit inside its companies. For example, the 4th Codis Infantry Regiment may only be made up of three Companies of Infantry where as the 1st Codis Battalion may consist of any mixing of infantry, airborne, and armored companies.
  • A brigade is comprised of four battalions/regiments. It is led by a Commanding Officer, whom holds the rank of Dais`Enarrain and Executive Officer who is ranked at Dais`Arrain.

Unite Size

Unit Strength sub-Unit strength Commander
Squad 5 men -- Dais`Gehka - Ullhan
Platoon 25 men 5 Squads Ullhan - Dais`erie`Arrain
Company 100 men 4 Platoons Dais`erie`Arrain - Dais`Arrain
Regiment 300-1,000 men 3-10 Companies Dais`Arrain - Daise`Enarrain
Battalion 300-1,000 men 3-10 Companies Enarrain - Daise`Enarrain
Brigade 1,200-4,000 men 4 Regiments / Battalions Dais`Enarrain



The Khoilmnriir nnea na Gai'Shian (Commandant of the Marine Corps) is the highest-ranking officer of the Gai'Shian; though he may not be the senior officer by time in grade.

Due to the size of the Gai'Shain, the Khoilmnriir (Commandant) holds the rank of Dais`Enarrain. Dais`Enarrain us'D'Nal tr'Letant is the current Khoilmnriir appointed by the Galae`Enriov with permission from HIM The Empress.


See main articles: Gai'Shian Rank.


The Gai'Shian are utilized in many different ways during missions both on starships and on their own.

Military Assault

Every Gai in the Gai'Shian is qualified as an infantryman; because of this that are the only ground force that is a sub-division of the Galae departments.

Gai forces have been the first boots on the ground during many of the major operations since the creation of the Romulan Star Empire.

Specialized Units

While the Gai`shian is hardly known for its variety, it does however have a few basic unit classes. Each class is focused on one utilization for combat, and to best appreciate the power of the Corps, one must be fully aware of the unit classes housed within it.


Represent the agility of the Corps. With two soldiers per fighter, they can serve as a combatant airborne unit, laying cover fire down for ground units or keeping enemy airborne units occupied. Alternatively, they can be moved to a destination rapidly, and then be dismounted. The latter function allows the Corps to deploy forward units quickly and accurately along its fronts of attack. Lancers represent the Corps' ability to move fast and hit hard as well. A platoon of lancers generally are armed with non-standard issue heavy weapons, and are either dropped or para-dropped on a target from their platoon's bomber.


Like dragoons, are often first on the field, but unlike the Dragoons, the Lancers are more focused on ground deployment as their final role, and not so much on their crafts' combat ability.

Artillery and Armor

While unheard of in the Federation, make up a useful planet side support force in the Corps. Most often, they simply act as mobile air defense (or space defense if they are firing at ships in orbit). Even so, it has, at times, been necessary to run armored and shielded craft of more rugged stature than a bomber at a target and carry troops at the same time. Training

The Gai`Shian operate their own war colleges, where the trainees learn basic survival, various killing techniques, and the rest of ordinary military training. Their training is direct, brutal, and simple in comparison to the Navy. The basic program, which all marines take, involves six weeks of intensive physical exercise and basic weapon proficiency training. The next six weeks are more focused on basic non-weapon equipment use (though not exclusive of more physical activity). At the end of the first three months, the marine 'graduates' and, depending on their final testing scores, may be entered in an additional six week specialist training course, or just simply injected into the field as an infantryman.

Specialist Training Includes

Scout Training

The most common skill found in the Gai`Shian (as it's only requirements are physical prowess). A scout learns how to detect basic traps for themselves and any unit they may be in front of. The scout is also taught the basic principles of silent observation and quiet movements.

Tracker Training

Tracking is taught in local wilderness as well as in holographic simulations. The primary interest of this skill is to inform the marine on how to follow a target simply by what it has left behind, how to survive with only local materials for nourishment, and to stay (relatively) unseen when the target is finally encountered.

Sniper and Spotter Training

A sniper and their spotter are an inseparable team. Together they are a deadly weapon, apart, they are just infantryman. With this in mind, a sniper and spotter are always honed together even though their specific tasks and studies are different. Over their six weeks together, they learn the each other's trade, maintain each others gear and equipment, and generally form a strong bond. The point of study is to learn silent observation, threat assessment, and 'take down' skills.

Communications Training

Communications specialists are rare at best. The course is highly technical in focus- from learning a foreign language, to memorizing hundreds of non-tech forms of communications- to learning the entirety of basic field communications gear.

Explosives Training

explosives specialists learn how to create small and less detectable explosive devices, as well as some basic architectural concepts. This ensures that they can not only use their bombs, but know how to destroy a structure fully, or specifically, with said devices.

Dragoon Training

A future dragoon is taught how to pilot their fighter-bomber in combat and non-combat situations. As well as some basic diagnostic concepts, to ensure that they can report problems to engineers quickly.

Lancer Training

Lancers learn how to use and maintain heavy weapons. They also practice para-drops, fast boarding, and bombardment tactics.

Artillery Training

Loading, firing, and maintenance training.

Other Information

When it comes to understanding the Gai`Shian, as it has been compared to the Federation's own Starfleet Marine Corps, it can be somewhat difficult. One must really look beyond its military structure and see its social status as well. First, the Romulan Marine Corps is, even by Romulan standards, a strange department within the Military.

Regardless of wealth, prominence, and military background almost every Romulan citizen will serve in its ranks. If they don't enter into the Corps for mandatory Military service, Citizens later end up in it via a required registration with their local militias. Second, as it is made up of both Militias as well as regular line soldiers, the command structure for the department Encompasses both civil and military ranks.

Since it has no entry tests for physical prowess, mental dexterity, or skills (as the rights of passage for Rihannsu children weed out those who are totally unfit) the majority of those entering the Corps for mandatory duty are from the common-folk strata of the Romulan social structure. Farmers, peasants, craftsman, and artisans: all make up the bulk of the Corps' soldiers. Socially, this keeps the Corps' status at the bottom of the pecking order. This is further evident in the Galae's domination of the marines: the Corps owns none of its own ships, its highest ranks are considerably lower than those of the Galae, and it has but one representative allotted to the Senate. This is even evident in the word 'Gai`Shian' which invokes less civility with its 'G' sound, and references to pikeman and, from the ancient Vulcan Shaya for execution.

Perhaps ironically, considering its total lack of political power and military authority, the Gai`Shian has more ranks than the Galae. Still, the Corps' highest rank, Dais`Enriov, is only roughly equal to the Navy's 8th highest.

As with their ranks, the Corps' level of authority is strongest at the very bottom: squad and platoon level actions. The larger the unit, the more likely the Navy is to interfere (if only for transportation's sake).

The following ranks may be worn on either the shoulder, the sleeve cuff, or the collar of any standard duty uniform. Most often, 'non-officer' ranks are worn on the shoulder and officer ranks on the collar, while sleeve cuff ranks are reserved for dress occasions.