Gravimetric Torpedo

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Technology Data
Name Gravimetric Torpedo
Type Torpedo
Introduced 2375
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus Star Trek Canon
Contributor Czarr Rom

The Graviton Torpedo was first seen by the Template:Voyager on its historic journey across the Delta Quadrant after being stranded there in the early 2370s. Since then their data on the technology has allowed it to be reproduced for use within the Federation.

Technical Details

Graviton torpedoes use graviton generators and particle accelerators along with a sophisticated field distortion matrix to create coherent gravity distortions that interfere with a shield grid`s ability to remain stable.

Since part of a shields makeup is graviton based this proves to be an extremely effective anti-shielding offensive weapon.

Gravity is a wave based phenomenon and as such runs on frequencies, this is the basis for the utilization of the technology. The concept of this weapon is to create a wide-band emission of antiphased graviton waves (or particles) that would cancel out the shield's own gravitic projections.

Of course, as with all shield negating weaponry the greatest challange is to match, or rather anti match (as in setting the freq to an inverted 180 degree phase variance) the freq of the ships shields. To overcome this problem engineers have equiped the graviton torpedo with sophicticated nano processors and higly adaptive software to allow for remodulation of band lengths and widths along with spectral analysis systems made to localize the frequency emissions prior to detonation.

At the moment of impact and sucsessful interuption a graviton torpedo will effectivly "Push" or "Dent" a shield causing a part of the shield to be deflected inwards torwards the ship emitting it.

In "egg shell" shields (such as seen on a Galaxy class) it would constitute a substantial tactical weakness in that loacalized area.

"Egg Shell" Shield Grid
"Skin Tight" Shield Grid

In a "skin tight" configuration (such as seen on an Ambassador class)the effect would cause the shields to contact the hull of the ship. This would cause a significant blow to the ship in general as the shields (which are energy neutral) would absorb the energy flowing from the ships systems as it would a beam weapon fired from an enemy ship.

In ships equiped with regnerative shielding this would mean that energy from all systems in the area of impact would be depleted almost instantly, causing immediate short term systems failure, and a subsiquent increase in energy output in high capacity systems (like shields, weapons and engines) as the energy drawn from the ship's own systems would be dumped into the generators to be dispersed to high capacity systems.

Ships without regenerative shielding would not benefit at all from the power drain and in fact run the risk of shield failure due to overload (if the shields impact an area near or on warp nacelles or weapons emitters) all energy would be dumped into the shield generators for dispersal via radiation.

Federation class graviton generators have a charge time of 2-2.5 mins. Any torpedo launched prior to full charge would deliver a partial load or even fail to fire. Also, specifications regarding portable Graviton Generators limit the activation time to 14 mins at a time. Keeping torpedoes charged for longer than recommended would cause field decay and again result in premeture detonation or detonation failure.

All Federation vessels are limited to 25 graviton torpedoes at a given time. Regular re-supplying may be done at any major space station.