Gryphon class

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Gryphon class runabout
Class Information
Role: Multi-role Auxilary Craft
Length: 40.5m
Width: 18m
Height: 4.5m
Decks: 1
Warp Rating
Cruising Speed: Warp 6.5
Maximum Speed: Warp 8.3
Emergency Speed: 40
Crew Compliment: 2-6
Auxiliary Craft
Tactical Systems

6 Type VII

Torpedo Launchers:

2 Mk V Micro

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The Gryphon class runabout was a design sitting in the records for some time until Starfleet Intelligence put it into production for its own use. Following this, a limited run of the model and its variant the Stormcrow were put into production for use on some Federation starships and bases.

Due to the size of the class (it is twice as long as the Danube-class runabout and 50% wider) the number of Starfleet ships capable of carrying the runabout is limited. As a result they are intended for use on starbases, colonies and the largest of explorer starships.

Gryphon Runabout.jpg