Here s how to get paid to travel the world with Disney

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Hop aboard the Disney Cruise Line.
Disney Cruise Line/Facebook

Now you can combine your love of travel and fairy tales: Disney Cruise Line is looking for people to work and sail around the world.

The cruise line is hiring employees to work voyages to the Bahamas, Caribbean, Alaska, and Europe.

There are
currently various job openings
for positions including lifeguards, chefs, youth activities counselors, human resources managers, entertainers who want to work on a ship while traveling the world.

Anyone who is eager to apply should know that working aboard a cruise ship is unlike most jobs on land. Employees have free accommodations, but they�re shared with fellow crew members.

And on a ship, there�s no such thing as time off. Employees work seven days a week for a contract of four to six months. (After the contract is over, employees can come back after a two-month vacation.)

However, working on a cruise ship is a great opportunity to save money while traveling around the world. Salaries for waitstaff range from about $2,000 to $3,300 per month - and công ty du lịch everland employees don�t have living expenses.