Holotank Environmental Recreation Platform (HERP)

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Technology Data
Name Holotank Environmental Recreation Platform (HERP)
Type Computer Technology
Introduced 2305
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus UCIP Canon
Contributor Czarr Rom

The Holotank Environmental Recreation Platform or HERP is an advanced display system designed for tactical purposes on starships and space stations.

HERP technology encompasses the user in a recreation of the three dimensional environment around their ship or station, either in a first person mode, where the user sees from the perspective of their ship or station, or in a third person mode where the user sees a representation of the space around them from any objective angle.

For the individuals using the system, it replaces the need for access to either a control terminal or a viewscreen as the system both relays visual information and provides an icon based command system to control any necessary functions.

During tactical engagements the system can provide an invaluable advantage as targetting, weapons selection and firing options can all be managed through the control interface by using the icon based controls around each separate target in the HERP visualisation. The system is further enhanced by the ability to view an internal representation of any target to the depth of sensor penetration, allowing individual systems to be targetted.

To enhance the system's capability a series of three modified sensor probes that can increase its range and accuracy. The usefulness of this option during hostile engagements is limited though due to the fact that sensor probes are generally easy targets for hostiles.