Jasmine Garza

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Jasmine Garza
Biographical Information

Vega IX






2388 (age 31)

Physical Description

171.8cm (5'6")


56.8kg (~125lbs)





Political Information

Starfleet Marine Corps


USS Vindicator


51st Recon Detachment Commander


Second Lieutenant G-o1.png

Played By:


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Vega Colony, Vega system, Sirius sector block, Beta Quadrant

Vega IX is the ninth planet in the Vega system, Sirius sector block. It houses the Human colony Vega colony. Vega IX was the half way point for the trade route between Earth and Dralax.

Than in 2409 the Borg attacked a Starfleet force in the Vega system after a 30 year non-agression pact. Losses were heavy both to Starfleet and to Vega colony. And really just now they're getting back onto their feet.

The Beginning

Off duty and in civilian attire

Born in Vega colony to Malcolm and Denise Garza both members of the ECS (Earth Cargo Ship) Sparrow. They were always out on the trade lanes leaving Jasmine in the care of the EC child care program. Knowing that most workers of Earth Cargo (EC) were on a ECS freighter. The early and formable years for Jasmine were rough rarely seeing her parents, missed birthdays, holidays and other big important events in her life.

But this wouldn't get better for Jasmine. On a routine run the ECS Sparrow was attacked by Syndicate raiders operating in the area. After they disabled the ship they boarded and killed all on the Sparrow. They even left all the cargo it's speculated that they were leaving a message to Earth Cargo that this was their territory now.

This enraged Jasmine for a long time. First she blamed her parents being on the Sparrow. Which led to a deep deep depression that to this day still lurks in the shadows. It's also turned into a burning hatred of the Orion Syndicate and everything they stand for.

But Jasmine grew to become a very attractive female Human with shoulder length hair, and brown eyes she's average height with an athletic build. On her right shoulder blade she has a tattoo of a religious idol and on her left shoulder blade she has a tattoo of a tree.

When she's not in her duty uniform she's usually in workout clothes, or jeans, jean shorts and a tank top with flip flops or workout shoes.

Starfleet Marine Corps OCS

Jasmine's career in Starfleet as a Marine started with a lie. Seeing as she was 17 when she applied for OCS (officer candidate school). She had a way with signatures and both of her parents were dead; killed pirates while serving on the ECS (Earth Cargo Ship) Sparrow.

The next four years were probably the toughest, besides the years of coping about her parents death and spending time in the Vega colonies foster care system. It was a mix of classroom for leadership training, tactics and strategy.

Than of course weapons, basic boot camp, survival and advanced medical courses were done out in the field. After graduating OCS she stayed behind to complete the close quarter combat training along with the scout/sniper training. She passed the CQB but failed the scout/sniper training. She graduated as a second lieutenant G-o1.png.

Jasmine is a very typical stereo type female Marine. Always needing to work harder than the males to prove herself and always needs to prove herself even with the mundane stuff.

Adventures of the USS Crazy Horse

USS Crazy Horse, Insignia class

After graduation she was assigned to the USS Crazy Horse as a platoon leader. She was quickly thrown into action slightly after the Crazy Horse launched on their shakedown cruise plus a scouting mission.

Starfleet Intelligence were getting reports of activity along the Federation/Kirvaldi border. No incursions just a lot of movement. And on top of that engaging a couple of Kirvaldi ships that cross the border somehow a corrupted EMH program was uploaded to the Horse.

After being repaired the USS Crazy Horse was sent out once again. To investigate disappearances of civilian ships in the region near Gorn space. Once arriving the USS Crazy Horse was ambushed by a mercenary ship and before anyone could react. The entire crew was somehow knocked out and brought to a special kind of hell called Tala Czar.

Tala Czar, A privately-owned Starbase located near the Gorn Confederacy

Tala Czar was a privately owned star base that catered to the every whim and desires to extremely rich, sick and perverse clientele. The primary attraction is the Arena, where brutal gladiatorial matches are held between captured slaves. The ordeal of what the crew of the USS Crazy Horse had to endure and what they had to do to themselves, each other and to others to survive still haunts them today. And the name Tala Czar is still spoken in whispers if at all.

After waking up a guard entered her cell to make sure she was alive. Which was a mistake for the guard. As Jasmine laid him out flat. Which was great in the moment, but the moment after that wasn't she was quickly shocked back to unconscious and than thrown into the arena for one on one death matches. The first two matches were against two of her platoon members both green privates.

With the help of the Crazy Horse crew a rebellion started to form. And than one day all hell broke loose power to cells was lost. Allowing the prisoners to escape and get the neck shackles off that could have a shock sent through them at any given time. Once those were off there was very little the guards of Tala Czar could do. Luckily they were able to get off the station just as a couple Starfleet ships arrived.

After Tala Czar the crew of the Crazy Horse decides for a long RnR. Settling upon a small, uninhabited planet called Phyius Beta which boasts sunny skies, golden beaches and a killer sunset. The crew continues to work through what they just went through and dealing with the new crew they had picked up from Tala Czar and the crew that was replacing the crew they lost on Tala Czar.

Adventures of USS Vindicator

USS Vindicator, Discovery class

Shortly after the RnR wrapped up and the change of command was over. The Marine unit on the Crazy Horse was pulled off and sent where they were needed. So Jasmine was put back into limbo for a little bit. Until finally Marine brass reassigned her to the USS Vindicator under the command of Alpha Company commander Marine Captain Ellis King.

Holding her position as 3rd platoon leader Jasmine had to start all over again. Luckily the Vindicator was in a flux. Taking on bizarre missions while the Federation was facing 3 enemies and dealing with 2 civil wars. Arriving on the Vindicator when she did was somehow the worst time, the command team just learned that they were sent on a suicide mission to gain sympathy from the public for this war. The Marines were being characterized as barbarians how they handled tracking down a Marine spook.

And to top it all off the Vindicator was going through a command change of their own both for the CO and XO as well as shrinking the Marine company to just one platoon and renaming them the 51st recon unit. And she was quickly put in charge of the small detachment along with being in charge of the Marine spook first lieutenant Tea Black.

And she didn't get things going right after opening fire on a potential charging animal. Captain Landon Neyes reminded her that she needed to think things through more.