Jenssi Stazi

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Jenssi "Erinyes" Stazi
Biographical Information







2388 (age 31)

Physical Description

158cm (~5'2")


53kg (~119lbs)





Political Information

Tammeron Naval Force


USS Andrew Timmis Officer Exchange Program


Fighter Pilot


First Lieutenant

Played By:


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Tammera, Tammeron Star System, Tammera has a blue-green sky and is mostly made up of large islands and oceans.

The Tammeron star system. The Tammeron star system is independent but has close ties both trade and political. The common trade commodity of the Tammeron people is Tammeron grain an extremely hardy grain able to grow in most environmental conditions making it the perfect grain to have when making a new colony.

The Tammeron people have been a Stratocracy (is a form of government headed by military chiefs). They've been like this sense the Tammeron people united after the unification wars. The Stratocracy is headed up by the three branches of the Tammeron Armed Forces. Commander in Chief (a naval Fleet Admiral), Air-Group, Commander (a air force Marshal of Air Group) and finally Field Marshal (Marines).

The Tammeron Naval Force (TNF) is a small force consisting of mainly patrol ships and escort carriers able to support a squad of gunships which what they called their fighters (12). The escort carriers the predominant ship within the TNF primary weapons are disruptors for flack and then plasma torpedoes as primary ship to ship fights. The TNF tactics are very 20th century World War II era tactics. Flack was big in that help supported the gunships as well as supporting the carrier as it blasted away at enemy ships. Then the plasma batteries were the main guns on the carriers and battleships which would pummel the larger enemy ships but their guns were all on the port and starboard sides with a small forward and backward firing arc.

The Tammeron's were also known for using plasma mines to great effect especially in areas where they couldn't patrol because of their limitations of how large their naval force was. Which only consisted of 2 fleets which was barely enough to cover their system.

Personal History

Both of Jennsi's parents served in the TNF her mother served as a TNF strategic operations officer. While her father was a captain of a escort carrier serving out on the fringe of the Tammeron star system. Jenssi was a only child and was raised on Tammeron shortly after she was born her parents split up. Which wasn't uncommon thing in Tammeron society the Tammeron people are not aggressive but because of their choice to remain independent they're very dedicated to the TNF.

When Jenssi turned 15 (2403) she was sent to the Tammeron War College where she would spend the next 5 years (2408 graduation year) of her life learning tactics, weapons (small arms, capital ship weapons and auxiliary craft weapons). In their 3rd year at the college is when they choose a speciality (ground pounder, fighter pilot or a position on a ship or installation). Jenssi excelled at all of the pilot qualifications.

When she finally graduated the college she was 20 (2408) and was assigned as a flight leader to the TNS (Tammeron Naval Ship) Thesia where she spent her first 2 years (2410) of her military career where she achieved the rank equivalent to the SFMC 2Lt and squadron CO of the Black Reaper squadron. When she turned 22 she was reassigned to a installation near the Betreka nebula working with a SFMC fighter squadron that was assigned to a installation on the Federation side of the nebula. After some discussion both the Tammeron Navy and Starfleet agreed that a wargame could be useful for both sides seeing as both sides had very very different tactics and technology. After the war games Jenssi was promoted to the equivalent of the SFMC 1Lt.

After the war games ended which were a huge success in both forging a stronger bond between these two groups but it also taught both the Tammeron Navy and Starfleet many good lessons. Shortly after the war games concluded both governments quickly created an officer exchange program hoping to continue this sharing of ideologies. And Jenssi Stazi was in the first class to be accepted for this officer exchange which came about 1 year (2412) after the initial war games she was sent to Trilista colony but that lasted for about a year (2413) before she was re-assigned a newly built ship the USS Medusa which was built at Starbase 204-B “Zetari” in the Gamma Quadrant.

As the Triad War started picking up the local pirates of the Tammeron system known as the Bahrinian pirates also picked up. With several raids on heavily protected patrol groups and basestars especially the Maja basestar in the northern tip of the Betreka nebula near the Federation world of Aldebaran. Maja was badly damaged after the Bahrinian pirates essentially sieged the basestar while reinforcements arrived. Jenssi's father Colonel Lomy Stazi led the essential assault on the Bahrinian forces that had several large missile boats.

The battle for Maja took three days to finish up with a large loss of ships and lives. close to 30% of the Prowler's battle group was lost. Which was huge hit to the Tammeron Star Navy seeing as how large their forces were prior to the battle.

Physical Appearance

Jenssi looks like a wild child and to be fair she was and still is. With long dark brown almost black hair and dark hazel color eyes. She's got the rocker's look and the attitude.

She's got several tattoo's on both arms which luckily are easily covered up by long sleeves shirts when they need to be covered up. Which most of the time they're when in uniform. When out of uniform she tries to keep them out in the open.

By wearing mainly tank tops or a bra and a vest with jeans or jean shorts.


  • Spouse:
  • Children:
  • Father: Lomy Stazi
  • Mother: Bana Stazi
  • Brother(s):
  • Sister(s):
  • Other Family:

Personality & Traits

Jennsi is spunky, egocentric, egotistic essentially a pilot in other words. Jenssi was raised around pilots; their stories, drinking habits and most importantly the need and drive to fly anything and everything and push that limit to the end.

And sitting behind that HUD screen while flying is better than hot animalistic sex. Describes Jenssi in a nutshell.


Federation Standard and many others

Service Record

War College

  • 2403 (15) Headed off to the Tammeron War College
    • The war college taught tactics, weapons (small arms, capital ship weapons and auxiliary craft weapons)
  • 2406 (18) 3rd year at the college was when they choose a speciality (ground pounder, fighter pilot or a position on a ship or installation). Jenssi excelled at all of the pilot qualifications.
  • 2408 (20) She graduated the war college as a gunship pilot
    • Assigned to the TNS Thesia as one of the flight leaders at the rank of 2Lt

TNS Thesia

  • 2410 (22) At the rank of 2Lt she became the squadron commander of the Black Reapers
    • Later in that year the Black Reapers were assigned to the Maja basestar

BS Maja

  • 2410 (22) Few months after being reassigned the Tammeron Star Navy and StarFleet decided to do a wargame
    • After the wargames were finished she was promoted to 1Lt still in command of the Black Reapers
  • 2412 (24) A officer exchange program was created seeing that both sides could offer insights into each others fighting styles and improve both governments militaries
    • Jenssi was one of the first to join the exchange program

Trilista Colony

  • 2412 (24) Once she was accepted she was sent to Trilista colony but that only lasted for a year
    • Met 2Lt 80px Morgan "Blackbeard" Jacobs (would be her future SXO on the Medusa)

USS Medusa

  • 2413 (25) A year later she was reassigned to a new ship the USS Medusa
    • 2Lt Morgan "Blackbeard" Jacobs accompanied her and became her SXO
    • Where she participated in another set of wargames this time against the only StarFleet installation in the Gamma quadrant
    • Later that year she took part in the Battle of Jupiter station to re-take it
  • 241309.04 Moved to flight leader allowing for a more experience squadron commander to take command of the squadron

USS Pendragon

  • 241309.15 (25) Transferred off of the Medusa and to the Pendragon
    • as a pilot but than quickly put in-charge of one of the flights (yellow flight)

USS Vindicator

  • 241401.24 (27) Transferred off of Pendragon and to the USS Vindicator holding position as yellow flight leader
    • And her wing man 2Lt Carn "Rabbit" Carby also joined her

Ranks and Promotions

  • 2408 Flying Lieutenant
    80px Flight Leader
    • Equivalent to Second Lieutenant
  • 2410 Squadron Leader
    80px Squadron Commander
    • Changed to First Lieutenant after doing the officer exchange program
  • 2413 Transferred to put as flight leader