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General Overview:

John Gregory is one of the many science officers serving in the federation. He is fond of logic games, the outdoors, quiet and dedicated to his work.

Strengths & Weaknesses:

“Adventuresome” – John loves adventures and will volunteer for anything that might involve exploration duties.
“Enjoys Challenges” – John likes a good intellectual challenge, if it isn’t working on a project at work he is working on a puzzle off duty.
“Introvert” – When he’s working alone he’s happy, but a bit territorial in groups.


“Exploration” - Aspires to command a science vessel in to unknown territory.
“Physically fit” – John is passionate about maintaining good health.

Hobbies & Interests:

Science – John has a love for most science fields, but his favorites are in Geology and Chemistry.
Philosophy – John is also a passionate philosopher. He enjoys weighting theories through intellectual argumentation as well as debate philosophical ethics.
Outdoors - backpacking and being in nature in general are fun for John. Perhaps it is the adventure of being outdoors and getting somewhere most dare not go.
Sports – John enjoys swimming and running and other cardiovascular exercise.
Ceramics – John also enjoys making pottery and working with clay.

Personal History:

Bio of Pre-Academy life

John Gregory is the eldest son of a family of six. He grew up on earth for the first seven years of his life. His mother and father, scientists, soon pursued a life in space. After the birth of his youngest brother the family of six left earth for a science station near a terra-forming development.

The young John played in the fields of the older test site for the terra-forming operation. He enjoyed playing tricks on his younger brothers, but for the most part the trouble he got in to blossomed his love for science. As a twelve year old he convinced his younger brothers Fred and Jacob to swallow a "potion" he had developed. As a result the two lost their eyesight for a week, but quickly recovered. Still John felt guilty and tended to their every need while they where recovering.

After the mishap, the three Brothers’ grew closer together and were inseparable. They decided to learn more about science and medical and vowed to prevent that sort of thing happening to other children. As such the three went into different fields that related to the accident: Jacob went to medical school; Fred went in to preventive education; and John decided to go into science through star fleet.

Academy Life

John tested into the Academy at 17. He had the courage to retake the test after missing the entrance exam at 16. It was after this test that he realized he needed to put in every effort he could to get where he wanted to go. He studied hard, but of course there were still mishaps.

While in the lab he accidentally created a mixture of explosive gases. When a spark from another experiment running in the lab occurred the room lit up, causing the gases to ignite and the pressure build up of the sealed off lab created a loud explosion. Although, nobody was seriously hurt, John had to retake the course again.

He was not discouraged, he continued to explore his options in the science field, and the next two years of his academy days he spent with caution and expertise from memorizing ever thing he could get his hands on. It was with great surprise that he graduated with in the top 25% of his class. (Age 23)

Post Academy Life including career history:

Service Record:

First assignment: Science station 3, Lab worker. (3 years of service)
Second assignment: USS Discovery, Lab manager (1 year of service)
Third Assignment: USS Adams, Associate Science Officer
Current: USS Atlantia, Associate Science Officer
History of Service Record:
Served on the Science station for three years before transferring to the USS Discover y. Following a promotion he was given the responsibility of managing one of the science labs. In the following year he was given the chance to be an executive science officer aboard the USS Adams. He was quickly promoted to Lieutenant and now serves as Associate science officer onboard the USS Atlantia.

Additional Photos





John Gregory
Biographical Information







June 22, 2384 (age: 35)

Physical Description

5' 10"







Political Information



USS Atlantia


Associate Science Officer



Played By:


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