Katana II

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Starship Class Data
Name Katana II class
Type Medium Cruiser
Role Assault Cruiser
Produced  ????-Present
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus UCIP Canon
Contributor Nira

The Katana II class is an evolution on the Katana class design rather than direct class variant. It is designed to be a powerful vessel with a range of capabilities to enable it to face the worst that the Federation has seen.


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Technical Summary

The following technical information is the standard baseline for the Katana II including any fleet wide upgrades that have occured since it first was developed. Many starships will have slightly different configurations due to non-standard upgrades, refits or specific mission profiles.

Length 412m
Beam 254m
Draft 72m
Decks Not present in R&D specs
Mass Not present in R&D specs
Crew capacity (Standard) 470
Crew capacity (Maximum) 1260
Propulsion Systems
FTL System Quantite
FTL Standard Cruise Warp 9.6
FTL Maximum Cruise Warp 9.8
FTL Emergency Maximum Warp 9.975 (for 8 hours)
FTW System Quantum Slipstream Drive
FTW Speed Rating A
FTW Manuvering Factor G
FTW Stress Level B
Impulse System
  • Dual impulse engines
  • IPZ-8700 engine type
Standard Impulse Velocity (Full Impulse) 0.5c
Maximum Impulse Velocity 0.7c
Emergency Maximum Impulse Velocity 0.83c
Defensive Systems
  • 2 Type-XII Phaser Arrays
  • 8 Type-II Pulse Phaser Cannons
Projectile Weapons
  • 2 Quantum Torpedo Launchers Fore
  • 1 Quantum Torpedo Launchers Aft
  • 150 Quantum MkII Torpedo Shells
  • 80 Photon MkXII Torpedo Shells
  • 5 Tri-cobalt Torpedoes
  • 5 Quantum "Skipper" Torpedoes
  • 10 Hellbore Torpedoes
Deflector Shields
  • Regenerative shielding (9 emitters)
  • Average damage rating of 8500 isotons
Cloaking Device Storm MkIII Cloaking Device
Other Defensive Systems Ablative armour hull plating
Computer Systems
Computer Cores 4
Core Type White Lightning II
Operating System LCARS
Underlying Technology Unknown
Medical & Science Systems
Sickbay Unknown
Sensors ?? standard sensor pallets incorporating long range and short range sensors
Science Facilities Unknown
Other Systems
Auxiliary Vehicles
  • 4 Type-18 Shuttlepod
  • 4 Type-14 Shuttlecraft

Detailed Technical Information


Propulsion Systems

Defensive Systems

Computer Systems

Medical & Science Systems

Other Systems

Deck Layout

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