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Survey Data
Star System:

Krogan system


Alhambra sector


Gamma quadrant

First Contact:


Political Information

Former members of the The Dominion


Haestrom (Homeworld)

Political System:

Absolute Monarchy-Military Junta


17 million

Biological Information


Atmosphere type:


Development Stage:

Warp capable


Peaceful/Neutal, Intelligent/Slightly anti-social and heavily tech base society

Nr of Eyes:


Empathic species:


Telepathic species:


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The Kavi society prior to their discovery by the Founders was simple but short because of their naturally weak immune systems they were forced to stay inside majority of the time. If they ventured out they had to wear HAZMAT suits but that still solve their problem. Luckily for them they had found ways to be space ferrying species mainly was manned satellites around their homeworld and sending out deep long-term probes this was how the Founders found them. They were impressed with how advanced their sensor technology was for both science and security so they offered a solution to their naturally weak immune systems if they agreed to join their Dominion and provide them with their sensor technology they had and any future advancements.

The Kavi wanted to be true space ferrying species so they agreed and after a short while the Founders promised what they said they found a way to boost the Kavi immune system, by implanting the Geth a annelid species that also lived on the homeworld of the Kavi. The Founders also added a string of DNA that gave the Kavi a disadvantage; just like they did with the Vorta and Jem'Hadar, for the Kavi it was photophobia, sensitivity to light and for the Kavi it was extreme to the point where they had to design a light protector veil to shield their eyes from any sort of light.


Kavi: The non-Kavi select were force to remain planetside who were classified as the blue collar workers for example, farmers, miners, builders and things of that nature.

Kavi Select: The Kavi select are the elite Kavi that are selected to have the Geth annelid joined with them boosting their already weak immune system but also causing massive photophobia; light sensitivity.

The Royal Family:

Military Junta: After the Kavi joined the Dominion the Founders put a group of Vorta on the Kavi homeworld and declaring them the military junta. As far as the Kavi people were concerned they were the advisory board to the Kavi royal family. And that the matriarch still was the ruler of the Kavithan Protectorate. In reality the Vorta military junta was in complete control asserting the rule of the Founders and just having the Matriarch and the royal family enforce the law of the Dominion.

Post Dominion war the military junta stayed on mainly dealing with advising the royal family and the Matriarch on foreign affairs, the Kavi navy and anything that related to the security if the Kavithan Protectorate.

Kavi Navy:


General Overview

The Kavi are like the Deltan's of the Alpha or Beta quadrant; beautiful perfect porcelain skin,


The Geth are a annelid; a segmented worm, they were genetically altered by the Founders when the Kavi joined the Dominion. The purpose of the alteration was to boost the Kavi's immune system allowing the Kavi to actually leave their planet without protective suits. But the drawback of the Geth was creating an extreme photophobia; light sensitivity, for the Kavi.



Physical Attributes

Kavi in Society

Matriarch Kavitha Thakur (Leader of the Kavi people and the Kavithan Protectorate)

Baroness Aurelia Tesleya (Commanding officer of the KP-GS ((Kavithan Protectorate Gunship)) Idenna)

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