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Administrators, commonly known as admins or sysops, are the UCIP LCARS editors who have been granted the technical ability to perform certain special actions the database, including the ability to block and unblock user accounts and IP addresses from editing, protect and unprotect pages from editing, delete and undelete pages, rename pages without restriction, and use certain other tools.

Administrators assume these responsibilities as volunteers who go through a community review process. They are never required to use their tools, and must never use them to gain an advantage in a dispute in which they are involved.

The LCARS currently has 2 administrators.

Administrators' abilities

Administrators have the technical ability to perform the following actions:

  • to block user accounts and IP addresses from editing
  • to apply page protection to restrict editing of a particular page
  • to delete pages with 5,000 or fewer revisions
  • to override the title blacklist
  • to move a page to any desired title (this is in part a consequence of the last two)
  • to edit fully protected pages
  • to view and restore deleted pages
  • to hide and delete page revisions

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