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Near the KraI'JiH'Na Nebula



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Lamet Prime

Political System:

Collective Consciousness


2.3 Billion

Biological Information


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Warp Capable



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Lamet Star System

Located on the edge of the KraI'JiH'Na Nebula between the Klingon Empire and the region of the Federation controlled by the Starbase in the Cheydinhall sector, the Lamet star system has not been explored by either power, it's star is a type-G yellow dwarf star, similar to Sol. Being orbited by 6 planets, three of which fall within the habitable zone of the system, the second planet is designated Lamet Prime and was the first to hold the Lametian people, the third and fourth being colonised once they had achieved spaceflight.

Lamet Prime has a day that lasts for 30 hours and a mixture of climates similar to Earth, they do hold weather control technology but only choose to employ it on the major population centres, the rest of the world is left to it's natural weather patterns.

Lametian Cooperative

Their origin is unknown and records of how they came to exist on Lamet Prime have been lost to time, however records indicate that they have been present as the Lametian Cooperative for over twenty thousand years.

The Lametian people are unique, they are not biological beings but are instead made up of sentient self replicating nanites, the nanites are unique to each individual, carry their entire programming and allow them to think individually, but also allow them to connect with the Cooperative into a single collected consciousness. Considering their unique nature, one might be surprised to notice that the race is comprised of male and female members, there are also Lametian children, their process of reproduction is by combining a single nanite from the father and mother, these two nanites then compare and combine their programming, essentially becoming a new program, they then begin to replicate until they grow into a new being, this child is non-gender and combines the colouring of the two parents.

Maturing of the new being lasts for approximately 30 years, during which time the nanites continually add mass, increasing height and other attributes to reach the predetermined dimensions of the new individual. While they are maturing, Lametian children are considered not ready for work and are encouraged to explore creative mediums, writing, art, music, dance, this means that the majority of their early life is deeply influenced by culture and leads to great works being created at an early age. When they reach maturity, the new adult is put through a series of tests to determine what type of function they would be most suitable for, they then spend 12 hours of each day performing this function with the other 18 hours of their day being considered free time. The time of maturity is also when the gender of the individual is revealed, their colouration changes to match that of their gender.

To an outside observer, the Lametian's appear to be mostly humanoid, with all of the usual features, the only major difference is their skin, because of their non-biological nature, their skin is made up of a nanite based alloy. Men generally have a silvery colouration, there can be variances between different males but it is always mostly silver. Females are normally seen with a copper based colouration, as with males there can be some variation on this. Children are slightly different in that while they are maturing, they combine the colouring of their two parents, upon reaching adulthood, they then change colour to match their gender.

The approximate lifespan of the Lametian people is between 150 and 200 years, this is due to a natural degredation of the programming in the nanites of the individual, on death they are taken to a repository, their memories and experiences are downloaded into the Cooperative database and then their physical form is recycled to be broken down and provide resources of the replication process of other members of the Cooperative.

Political System

To put it simply, there are no politics in Lametian culture, whenever a decision needs to be made that will affect the populace, they simply combine their consciousness and make the decision as a single collected voice, this method has meant that there has never been war on Lamet and the people consider themselves to be pacifists.