Lhaerrh tr'Terik

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Lhaerrh tr`Terik
Biographical Information

Ra'tleihfi, Ch'Rihan






2366 (age 54)

Physical Description

5' 5"


195 lbs.





Political Information

Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi

Played By:


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Personal Details

Personality Profile


  • Mother: S'Tarleya tr'Terik
  • Father: Havraha tr'Terik (Deceased)


Lhaerrh tr'Terik was born in Ra'tleihfi to then-erie'Riov Havraha tr'Terik, a member of the Imperial Navy and S'Tarleya tr'Terik a school teacher. Lhaerrh grew up in a military family whether they were a member of the Romulan Guard, Tal Shiar, the Corp or the Tal Diann; his family members may have had issues but they respected each other.

When Lhaerrh was six, he and his mother were banished from Romulus when his father went missing in 2369 and was accused of refusing to helping the Klingon House of Duras. With the help of some distant relatives and some of his fathers' contacts, he and his mother were able to relocate them to ch'Havran. During his first two years on the planet, he would begin to make some friends with several Reman children. Several Romulan guards had complained to his mother when they would find in the dilithium mine working with some of his friend; however, it did not stop him from going into the mines and even get the same treatment as his friends.

During his time on Remus, Lhaerrh grew more distrustful of his own race over the years after seeing some of his friends get killed over small issues such as looking at an overseer. He really grew distrustful of the Romulan Overseer, when they began to force some of the younger Remans and the one that were older that could still fight into the military; some of his friend never came back home during the Dominion War. During the height of the War, it was revealed that the Tal'Shiar had transported his father to a deep space assignment and the reason of his family banishment was for protection. However, his reunion with his father was short-lived when his was assigned to a Tactical Wing and led the Romulan Division on an attack on a Dominion shipyard; he still blames the Tal'Shiar for his father death.

During the Shinzon coup d'état in 2379, Lhaerrh would have to chose between his honor for the Empire or his friends. In the end of it all, he was locked up with the rest of the Romulans on Remus. His friends would later tell him it was because they did not want to give him a choice in the matter that could place him or his family in danger. After the Romulan regained control of the government with the help of the Federation, Lhaerrh watched as some of his friends were put back into the chains of slavery.

When Lhaerrh turned 18, he applied for admittance into the Imperial Academy with the former Commander of the Sixth Fleet and a former Senator as his sponsor. During his time at the Academy, Lhaerrh was looked down upon due to the fact that he was raised a majority of his life on Remus and his father was disgrace to the Empire. He graduated from the Academy 30th out of 110, which resulted in his first assignment to the IRV Valdor. He would serve as a guardsman on the ship; however, most of the Romulans noted that he mostly hung out with the Remans on the ship. As a result, it was brought to the attention of the Ship Commander whom transferred the young man at the next chance he had.

Over the next three year, Lhaerrh was in Starship Security, Flight Control and Ship Operations due to the fact that the Imperial Ministry of Foreign Affairs was fast tracking a inside request to allow the young officer a chance to be apart of the Officer Exchange with the Federation.

At the age of twenty-two, Lhaerrh was assigned as the Diplomatic Envoy to Starbase 47, when his request to join the Officer Exchanged program was reject. Lhaerrh would spend many a night working with the Federation and Starfleet personnel on the base to ensure that all was well.

However, everything came crashing down in 2398, when he was recalled from Starbase 47 back to Ch'Rihan and learned that his people would be going to war with people he considered friends over the past 12 years. He was shocked again when he learned that due to the status of the war, the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi would be reducing it size and he would be transferring to Tal'Diann as an Arrain aboard the IRW D'mora as the Tal'Diann'Dohyrl.

While on the IRW D'mora, Arrain Lhaerrh tr'Terik would be at odd with the Nraehhi'Saehne in ensuring that the Leih would always have correct information before going into combat. Lhaerrh even found himself fighting the Tal'Shiar on several when it came to his own life.

tr'Terik would remain on the IRW D'mora even after the end of the war due to the fact that he had grown attacked to the ship and it crew and also because even though the war had ended he didn't see a place for him among the reformed Diplomatic Corp and he frankly didn't trust that the peace would hold. He would be proven correct at the age of 35 in 2401 when the Empire was once more drawn into a war with the Federation after it was revealed that they destroyed a Romulan Warbird.

At the end of the Second Federation-Romulan-Klingon War, Lhaerrh would remain in his post as a member of the Tal'Diann before being recalled by the hru'Kiith in 2408 to resume his role as a member of the Kiith Mrevhoqq'ghi.