Lina Ai'xen

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Lina Ai'xen
Biographical Information







June 12, 2394 (age: 25)

Physical Description

1.803 m


64.86 kg


Dark Teal/Turquoise



Political Information

Stenellian Ascendancy, Starfleet


USS Enterprise


Chief Science Officer


Lieutenant Commander

Played By:


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Lina Ai'Xen, born to the noted house Ai'Xen of the esteemed Ma'Raydio caste, is a brilliant young Scientist and one of the few Stenellis chosen to represent the Ascendancy in an officer exchange program between the Ascendancy and Starfleet.

Physical Description

  • 5' 4"
  • 98lbs
  • Dark Teal with lighter turquoise highlighted hair
  • Aquamarine Eyes
  • Petite and willowy

Standing on the tall side of average for a Stenellis female, Lina is otherwise a well proportioned and ideal specimen of her species. She has a delicate and incredibly expressive face. Across her entire body, she sports a relatively heavy smattering of bio-luminescent spots/freckling that noticeably light up in dark environments. There's no set pattern to these spots and while those spots are quite bright, they offer nothing in the way of environmental lighting, cannot be used to illuminate a room, and are self limiting in that capacity. Worthy of note is the fact that the irises of her eyes are also mildly luminescent.

Lina does sport several large round scars between her shoulders, across ribcage, small of her back, right hip, and upper inner right thigh from a near fatal attack by an Apshan Ivcomy Squid; a large deep water species of volatile squid. These scars are extremely luminescent and slightly upraised in a 'keloid' fashion.

Like the majority of her species, it's worthy of note that Lina is capable of a violent bio-electric response in both an offensive and defensive position. This trait is particularly lethal to copper-based life forms such as Vulcans and Romulans. Skin to skin contact is necessary in order for this discharge to occur.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Relatively easy and outgoing, Lina is a notable curious creature that seems to be both excited and humbled by the wonders of the universe outside of the Stenellian territory. While she's traveled to Cardasia and home worlds of other species woven within the mighty Ascendancy, the chance to work within the Federation and be exposed to new technology and sciences gives the xeno-biologist a thrill. There isn't much that bothers Lina, and that leaves her as a steady and relatively unflappable young woman that is more than capable of achieving her goals and completing tasks within her wheelhouse and beyond.

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Personable and mild mannered
  • Honest almost to a fault
  • Curious and thirsty for continued knowledge


  • Doesn't give up on things that she should
  • Curiosity can be both a strength and weakness seeing that it can often get her in trouble
  • The cold. Extremely cold sensitive.


To eventually be chosen as a member of the senatorial delegation for the Stenellian Ascendancy. A lesser goal is to explore an entirely new civilization.

Hobbies & Interests

  • Xeno-biology
  • Microbiology
  • Astrophysics
  • Astronomy

Science and Medicine



Personal History

Kaleb was born at Starfleet Medical Neonatal Unit in San Francisco, Earth. He was one of thousands of Andorian/Human hybrids born at the tail end of the twenty-fourth century in an attempt to repopulate and strengthen the Andorian people, who's numbers were in catastrophic decline due to a shrinking gene pool. (This genetic pairing of Andorian and Human DNA allowed the species to reproduce with one male and one female rather than the previous Andorian process using the four sexes.) Shortly after he was born, he and his parents, traveled to Andor's frozen moon where Kaleb was raised as a traditional Andorian. He was trained to be a warrior from the age of five, however, as he neared his majority he became more attuned to a scientific path and applied to Starfleet Academy as soon as he was eligible. This action created a rift between his Andorian father and himself, though he found support in his Aenar father and human mother.

Kaleb spent his first two years at the Academy studying science and astrophysics earning his certification in both before finding an interest in medicine. As a Junior he switched his career path and completed the combined medical courses in just three years. He took his residency on Starbase 001 Earth Space Dock where he studied diagnostic medicine. In Mid-April of 2413, Kaleb saw his first mass casualty and it shook his foundation in medicine. He requested a new posting in the science department at Starbase 158 where he served in the Astrophysics Department. He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 241409.30 and moved to Chief of Astrophysics where he served out the remainder of his tour on Starbase 158.

His next posting was to the USS Vindicator, NCC-78213-E where he served as Chief Science Officer until the ship was destroyed by the Romulan, V'rith Tr'bak. It was this experience that thrust him back into the medical profession. The need for trained medical officers was great in dealing with the aftermath of the Vindicator's destruction. Kaleb was drafted by the Chief Medical Officer of Starbase 1170, Cold Station Theta to work on the station's three decks of medical facilities. It was there that he delivered Commodore Rochelle Ivanova's son Javaan Neyes. Following the delivery of the Ivanova-Neyes baby, Commodore Ivanova asked Kaleb to join her on her new ship the USS Vindicator NX-78213-F as her Chief Medical Officer.