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Class: Tuffli Freighter Refit
Commissioned: 2410
CO: Pegira Nokatain
XO: Whilemia Releigh
Decks: 3
Crew: 5
Cruise Speed: 5
Maximum Speed: 7.5
Armaments: 6x Point Defense Cannons
1x Forward Torpedo launcher
15x Photon Torpedos
1x Mine Launcher
20x Plasma Mines
Defences: Standard Shielding System
Metaphasic Shielding Sub-System
Auxiliary craft:
8 Emergency life pods

The Tuffli freighter is a small spaceship approx. 42m long (~137 feet) known for its impressive engines. It was conceived and built by Ignatius Valentine and his friend Sid as a fast long-distance freighter and salvage vessel and equipped accordingly. The Tuffli freighter always has a large rectangular extra cargo pod that sits on the top of the ship. It is connected by metal struts and is held by magnetic locks, and can be made to be airtight.

The cargo pod is very large, and is almost as long as the Tuffli freighter, but is only about a third of the height. The pod also has large doors that open on the top, and are used to deploy mines or to dump cargo. The Tuffli freighter is warp-capable cargo ship and is armed with point defense system and has a three engine thrust system. The ship runs on hydrogen and Antiprotons. The hydrogen combines with the Antiproton in controlled reactions to create antimatter/matter reactions.

The internal layout of the Tuffli is spartan and is often dotted with open access panels and exposed wires 'cause repairs cannot be initiated fast enough to fix them all (also cost of repairs). There is a network or corridors running along the length of the Tuffli freighers, and there are 3 levels of corridors in the ship, with the topmost and bottommost corridors being small and narrow, and primarily used to repair and access the outer parts of the ship. They also allow for some airlocks, cargo bays, and essential parts of the ship to be reached.

The engine room of the Tuffli freighters is situated directly between the 2 lower engines, and above the third engine. It has several access panels and control panels that are used to repair and manipulate the engines when the need arises, which is often. A single catwalk runs down the length of the engine room, and runs off the floor through the room.

The Tuffli freighters do not have dedicated crew facilities; 'cause the Prometheus is usually used for trips that last on average for only a few days or less, and because the crew size is usually small, its crew facilities are not extensive, the Prometheus has a bunk bed and several hammocks for sleeping, the Tuffli has a kitchen and living area, of which the latter is not used often. The kitchen has a basic food unit, with stores that can last up to 5 months, and also has a water purification and recycler unit that can create drinkable water for 6 months.

The living area has a table, several lockers, and several niches set into the wall that the crew uses to set up hammocks and other bedding supplies. The living area also has a table and several benches and chairs that are used during meetings that the crew and passengers have while on a trip or mission.

Tuffli freighters always have 2 Type 11-CMS, a supply drop-ship that delivers palatalized cargo via anti-grav modules that attach to the pallet.

Pegira Nokatain Betazoid, female Captain
Whilemia Releigh Tammeron, female First Mate
Sharieieela zh'Sannev Andorian, female Pilot
Raginar Nausicaan, male Muscle
Dorsey Human, male Mechanic
Simon Tam Human, male Doctor

The ships crew majority of them are ex-Starfleet or Whiemia's case ex-Federation outlet but Pegira is the most dangerous ex-Intelligence