Main Computer Systems

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Technology Data
Name Main Computer
Type Computer
Introduced Early 2200
Affiliation Federation
TechStatus Star Trek Canon
Contributor Czarr Rom

Standard Starfleet computer cores incorporate Computer Cores, mini-computer cores (as we've seen with LCARS-II), LCARS, the ODN, subprocessors, distribution nodes, isolinear optical chips, bio-neural gel packs, data cubes, nano-processors, and transator clusters. Generally, most Federation starships have 2 or even 3 computer cores.

Whether you're using a terminal linked directly to the ODN, or accessing a PADD from your quarters, there's an interesting maze of parts and complexities behnd Starfleet computers. In the Data core itself, nanaprocessors are arranged in parallel packs of transtator clusters, which have a low-level non-propulsive warp field around their processors that allows faster than light computation, data retrieval, and tasking abilities. Data storage is achieved via isolinear, bio-neural, and data cube means.

The computers are networked with each other, and with the rest of the ship via the ODN - the Optical Data Network. The ODN has enough processing power on its own to take over limited control of the ship in case of a complete computer failure. Hence the backup generator discussed before. The LCARS (Library Computer and Retrieval System) acts as a software platform and operating system for the computers, making it possible to do very repetitive and non-user friendly tasks relatively quickly.