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The Starfleet Marine Corps, or SFMC, is a department of Starfleet founded in 2320, charged with being the dedicated peacekeeping, ground assault of the United Federation of Planets. The Corps represents the practical reality that, despite the vaunted ideals of the Federation which Starfleet embodies, they exist in a continuously hostile and aggressive galaxy and require a dedicated military arm to deter hostile actions and provide a dedicated force of soldiers to augment Starfleet's otherwise defensively-oriented military operations. Read more.

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Admiral Kerry Malone is a Federation Starfleet officer serving at Starfleet Command. He serves as the Commander, Starfleet. Read more.



General Richard Sharpe is a Federation Starfleet Marine Corps officer serving at Starfleet Command. He serves as the Commander, Marine Operations . Read more.



The USS Medusa was a Prometheus-class starship. One of the newer of her class, completed shortly after the start of the Second Federation-Tholian War, Medusa was assigned to the Gamma Quadrant, equipped to handle most challenges of the Quadrant has to offer including scientific, diplomatic, and military Read more.